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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 26, 2018

Osher Günsberg's Life is No Bed of Roses?

Osher Günsberg handing out the roses on TV
Osher Günsberg's impressive body transformation
After reading Matt Haig's two books 'Reasons to Stay Alive' and 'Notes on a Nervous Planet', listening to the Mama Mia podcast featuring Osher Günsberg's account of living with depression and anxiety sure put a different spin on things to Matt's.
For instance Matt writes about how looking at covers of magazines like 'Men's Health' can make him anxious, while Osher has been on the cover himself.
Osher defends his decision to pose on the cover of 'Men's Health' so he could bring his experience of being overweight to others who have battled similar problems.
Plus his proof that being on a Vegan diet doesn't mean not having muscles.
The cynic in me thinks that sounds a bit "having your cake and eating it too", pardon the irony in that remark:-) 
Osher Günsberg in Australia is the face of two shows that I can't stand to watch, 'Australian Idol' and 'The Bachelor'.
But hey, that's just me, as I hate those type of shows which are obviously popular with the majority of the television watching audience.
I never knew that Osher grew up in my hometown of Brisbane until I listened to the Mama Mia podcast.
The podcast at Mama Mia is well worth a listen and you can listen to it by clicking on the link below and going to the Mama Mia site -
Osher Günsberg Is Not Who You Think He Is
"Osher Günsberg is not who you think he is.
Yes, he is the guy who hosts The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and is the boss of the roses.
And yes, he did used to host another massive reality show called Australian Idol back when he was called Andrew G.
But throughout his life, Osher had things to hide.
But now, he’s talking about them.
He’s written a book called Back, After The Break, where he writes about his life, and his OCD, anxiety, body dysmorphia and even psychosis.
And he joins Mia to talk about it all, including when good brains go bad."
I bought a copy of Osher's book on Audible, so it was like listening to another podcast that goes for half a day ... but I found it interesting ... not that I listened to it in one go though.
I also found it interesting that Osher sued the paparazzi (who I like to refer to as "scumbags") for taking a photo of him getting into a wet-suit in order to body shame him. 
Mia talks about how the paparazzi like to get up-skirt photos of women and I didn't have to look far to see (literally) what Mia was talking about.
In the same Brisbane newspaper I found the "body image crisis hits boys as young as five" piece I also found this up-skirt shot in the sports section of the same edition of the paper.
How did that shot get past the newspaper's editor I wonder?
It doesn't worry me seeing a shot like that, but it is the double standard thing, because if I saw a shot of a guy's balls hanging out of his pants in a shot like the one below in the same paper I would be appalled.
We pretty much all know that it is mainly straight men who read the sport sections of newspapers and that sex sells, but there is no denying it is a double stranded that it is OK to have up-skirt shots of women sports stars and not men.
And that doesn't mean that I want to see balls hanging out of shorts in the sport section of my newspaper, I just want to see a bit of respect in the sport section of the newspaper and not see "wardrobe malfunctions" in the sports arenas.
Life is certainly no bed of roses for most people on this planet, that's for sure.
Osher also has a podcast show where he interviews various people (including himself), which is also worth a listen.
It's good to hear people talking about the things a lot of people in society just won't talk about when it comes to their own life anxieties.
Big Ideas: Anxiety- is it Just Me?

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