" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 9, 2018

Food from the Other Side?

I just listened to a podcast from the other side of the world that I'm on, where it's now summer instead of winter like it is here and they talked about all of the weird food they sell at the state-fair there. 
My hometown of Brisbane is gearing up for its equivalent of a state-fair this month, although over here it's called "The Ekka"
(slang name for the exhibition).
I haven't been to "The Ekka" for a few years and this year will be no exception, but I have written posts about it over the years -
Brisbane Does Love its EKKA...and Starr's EKKA Paintings
A picture I took years ago at The Ekka
The Carnival Comes to Town
What am I really afraid of? Well, that clown holding a Mc Donald's meal looks scary to me;- )
Don't get me wrong as I like walking around The Ekka, but it's so expensive to spend a day there and I've just spent a heap of cash down in Byron Bay last weekend, so my wallet needs to do some healing.
And while I'm not a vegan I am following a strict vegetarian diet with no dairy products, but I do eat eggs and honey still, unlike vegans. 
So I can't eat one of these lovely looking ice-creams anymore until they start using non-dairy ice-cream, but I guess I could buy one, eat the strawberry and throw the rest away;-)   
And looking at cakes made out of ingredients I don't eat anymore would be like a weight-watcher looking in a doughnut shop window. 
There is always some clown trying to tempt me to break my diet:-)
Clowns are always trying to get me back to eating their funny fatty food, but I say get ye behind me Ronald ... until you put vegan burgers on the menu that is;-)
The type of food I ate in Byron Bay last weekend
“Phat Bastard” anyone?
The 1.8kg burger with all the trimmings wowing Ekka goers
"MEET the monster burger wowing Ekka-goers.
The 1.8kg “Phat Bastard” features wagyu beef, pulled pork, bacon, cheddar, tomato, coleslaw, lettuce, onion rings, bacon mayonnaise and smoky barbecue sauce in between a brioche bun.
Available from Longboards Burger Bar in the Woolworths Pavilion for $59 – including a side of fries – it has had showgoers in awe, with people even queuing up to take photos of it.
“It’s been pretty popular,” said Justin Allie, co-owner of Longboards, which also offers the burger at its Surfers Paradise restaurant.

“It’s generally blokes – big eating blokes obviously – who want to give it a try, but also it’s a bit of fun.”"
Brisbane nanny Samara Barr with the 1.8kg burger
If I eat this clown's food I'll be on the other side a lot quicker ... and I don't mean the USA either.
Say Sheese?

UPDATE: August 10th, 2018
I went to my mailbox after writing up this post and found the above junk food junk mail.
People who would regularly eat one of these must have a death wish, I think.
Just like this guy in the You Tube below.
Although he wasn't eating a 'Big Mamma's Kentucky Fried Waffle'.
He was eating a 'Double Decker Death Wish' ... probably literally if he ate them often enough.
At least Burgerurge have vegetarian/vegan options for non-meat-eating customers like me. 
It's good to see burger joints catering to tree-huggers like me, especially ex-meat eaters like me who still get the urge to have a burger and some fries sometimes.

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