" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 25, 2018

I am #4 and Not in Kansas Anymore?

Born January 4th?
Australian punter Michael Dickson's latest NFL drop kick sends US commentators into a spin
"The 22-year-old (2+2 =4;-) Dickson — who earlier this month became the first rookie punter to be included in the Pro Bowl in 33 years — has become a fan favourite this season.
Watching from the sidelines at the Sunday Night Football match against Kansas City in Seattle,
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was seen smiling and shaking his head in disbelief off the back of Dickson's latest effort.
The commentators were equally in awe.
How great is that?" remarked prominent NFL play-by-play caller Al Michaels, while watching a slow-motion replay of the kick.
"If I am a scout I am going to Australia!" co-commentator and former wide receiver Cris Collingsworth added.

Michael's secret is safe with the rest of us Australiens, and it's no wonder the opposition teams are trying to kill him;-)

Blair Walsh Lived A Kicker's Nightmare

#3? Blair Richard Walsh (born January 8, 1990)
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Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four (2011)
Seattle Seahawks
Michael Dickson
I Am Number Four (2011)
Magic Mike?
Alex Pettyfer from I Am Number Four
in Magic Mike?
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Synch, Swim or Shimmer? Part 1
Our Gods Wear LYcRA?-)
Our Gods Wear LYcRA?-)
And while Americans might call it Spandex, over on this side of the world we know it better as Lycra;-) 
And one of the biggest comic conventions in Australia is named Supanova.

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