" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 20, 2018

Synch, Swim or Shimmer? Part 2

To get up to speed with this post you may have to read part one first by clicking on this link -
Synch, Swim or Shimmer? Part 1
And you might want to learn more about Chris Knowles and his blog 'The Secret Sun' if you don't already know who he is -
Pray for Us Shimmers
And you might want to put on your tin-foil hat, if you have one, too;-)
Chris Knowles in “Sync or Swim” // Jack Kirby, Black Magick LARPs & the Siren of the Philosophers
Maybe put on some floaties and grab a can of shark repellent, as well:-)
And maybe a crucifix, just in case ... better the devil you know, as they say:-)
Portman, Pop-Culture and Irony: A Black Swan State and Annihilation?-)
A black swan event maybe?-)
This shark story above was out of a weekend newspaper magazine called 'QWeekend' the weekend of the Queensland event at QAGOMA to launch the Netflix series 'Tidelands'.
The 'Tidelands' write up in the 'QWeekend' that weekend
And as bad luck would have it on the day of the 'Tidelands' QAGOMA event a surfer is attacked in the Australian state where Elsa Pataky lives, New South Wales -
Shark attack at Nambucca Heads leaves man in serious condition with leg injury
Starring Elsa Pataky as Maria
But wait, there's more.
Remember this post I wrote about Elsa finding a snake in her home? -
A THC Talk with Lupa Greenwolf about Animal Magic and Totems
Also, on the day of the QAGOMA event a brown snake was caught in the middle of Australia's capital city of Canberra, which is pictured on the cover of the 'QWeekend' magazine ... the city of Canberra, not the snake.
Brown snake visits Canberra's centre, shocking shoppers
A snake piece in the front of QAGOMA
The critics haven't been too kind to the Netflix series, savaging it like a pack of sharks in the first reviews from what I have seen, and maybe with some justification.
A review in the December 14th, 2018 Queensland newspaper
Although some viewers seem to like it.
Netflix's "Tidelands" Is So Bad It's Good And Here Are The Tweets To Prove It
And more snakes and sharks in the same
December 14th, 2018
Queensland newspaper
While watching 'Tidelands' I couldn't help thinking that Charlotte was doing her best Katy Perry impression, especially in this scene below:-)
Could be a hit maybe?-)
Especially in the year of #MeToo:-)
I guess there's no rush though, a song like that could probably wait until next year.
More Ludacris Synchs for 2018?
Director: James Wan
Elsa Pataky at an event for
Furious Seven (2015)
Director: James Wan
The other big underwater show which was filmed in Australia hits cinema screens in Australia on Boxing Day (December 26th) which also happens to be the day 14 years ago that a huge wave killed a lot of people.
2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
Probably didn't think that one through, I guess.
The 'Mean and Ugly' Mermaids of Arnhem Land?
Not to mention mermen;-)

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