" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 22, 2018

Spiritual Narcissism?

Teal Swan
I picked up my Doreen Virtue book that I had bought last year at a major Australian supermarket chain while doing some Christmas shopping, because of the butterflies on the cover (you know what they say. "never JUDGE ... a book by its cover";-) and I decided to pick it up from where I left off earlier in the year and finish it before this Christmas.
I wrote about Doreen in a post earlier this year when I found out she became a hard-core Christian and had disowned most of her new-age work, probably including the book of her's that I bought last year looking for some divine advice from the demons in Doreen's past life;-)
Whatever Happened to Doreen Virtue?
I've never been into Doreen's work anyway, but I saw her talk in my hometown years ago when I won some tickets to one of those
"new age" get togethers where people other than me would pay about $350 a ticket to see people like Wayne Dyer and
Deepak Chopra impart their regurgitated spiritual wisdom.
I went to see Wayne mainly and my late ex-father-in-law came along on the other free ticket to see and hear Deepak.
I remembered coming away from my day with these spiritual gurus thinking to myself what a bunch of egos and "spiritual" money-rakers.
Thank heavens I didn't pay $350 a ticket, otherwise I probably would have had to report a robbery to my local police station:-)
But I did like Wayne's part of the show, as he was a good story teller, even though my spidey senses told me he seemed to be a bit of an egoistic arsehole.
I do own a pack of Doreen's 'Archangel Power Tarot Cards' (only because I like the artwork and subconscious spiritual themes in the cards) and pulled a few for this post (maybe I should have shuffled them first?) which seemed rather relevant to the current pop-cultural and news themes at present. 
Synch, Swim or Shimmer? Part 2
A siren from the last episode of 'Tidelands'
Angel or Siren?-)
To be honest I feel sorry for Doreen as a person, as she is only trying to find her way through life as a scared human being like most of us are (except me of course, who is a demonic half alien hybrid human like Teal Swan;-) and she is trying to get in the lifeboat before the metaphorical Titanic goes down I feel.
A siren from the last episode of 'Tidelands'
I think if Doreen finds comfort in her Christian faith well good for her, but I personally don't believe in an entity such as the devil or place such as the Christian hell.
Believe what you like I guess, there are misguided people who think the earth is flat and I couldn't care less if they want to believe in such fantasies, but I don't want to hear such BS.
I guess we all have what would seem like wacky beliefs to others, but I'm not going tell people that it's my way or the highway.    
But fear does strange things to people's Belief Systems and they feel they have to save the world ... and try to become a bit rich in the process.
Which is why I'm always skeptical when it comes to spiritual gurus and their motivations, which are usually money centered I feel. 
Books like "the old Doreen's" 'The Courage to be Creative' aren't really about becoming creative as so much how to cash in on your creativity to make a good living out of it ... kind of like Teal Swan does:-)
Spiritual Business Spotlight:  Wake Me Up When I'm Famous
God help us all I say ... to make a good creative living out of spiritually and religious practices;-)
Melissa and Grant Virtue: Episode 15: Dream Symbolism of Birds and Their Messages
But are they what they seem?-)
Melissa and Grant Virtue: Dreams: Messages From the Divine
I went searching for podcasts about Doreen Virtue and found the above podcasts by some of Doreen's family members and thought this must be an awkward family situation, but it's good to see Grant and Melissa not scumming to fear.
Doreen has a Christian podcast now, if you are interested, you can get it through iTunes, although I won't be subscribing to it -
Bible Support and Encouragement Group, with Doreen Virtue
Whatever floats your boat ... or ship, I guess.
I did find some interesting podcasts on my iTunes search for Doreen though -
Doreen Virtue’s Christian Conversion
Baal Kadmon: My Perspective on Doreen Virtue’s Conversion To Christianity – You May Not Like It
I would have to agree with Baal Kadmon in his podcast above when it comes to Doreen's about face from "the new age movement" and her creative "divine" work.
Think for yourself I say and use the brain "God" gave you, even if you are an atheist.
I'm not an atheist, but I don't mind listening to this podcast I found searching for Doreen Virtue in iTunes.
I like people who try to think for themselves.
Friendly Atheist Podcast
I respect atheists like this guy above more than some fundamentalists who are just trying to save their own ass from burning forever in some imaginary hell, while condemning others.
And I agree with the late Paul Cox, and probably best to not spend too much on spiritual gurus either.
U R Not My GURU, But Everyone is My Teacher

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