" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 6, 2018

Signs That I Should See 'The Girl in the Spider's Web'?

I recently wrote a post about seeing the movie 'A Star is Born' when I went down to Byron Bay for the day to hear Germaine Greer give a talk later that night -
A Star is Born as Two Stars Die?
Germaine Greer on the Byron Bay
 stage Nov. 15th, 2018
I drove down early in the day to avoid the peak hour freeway traffic between Brisbane and the Gold Coast and decided to have lunch, a beer and take in a movie before Germaine's talk.
At least I can park for free at the
Byron Bay Brewery/Pig House Flicks complex, unlike in the main streets of Bryon Bay.
I still had to pay 80 cents for parking in the main street when I left the Brewery and there was still about 10 minutes left until 6 o'clock, when the parking fees don't apply.
Ironically, I got a parking spot diagonally across the road from where the new cinema complex is being built in Byron, and right across from a familiar looking tattoo shop -
Life Support?
I've never read any of Germaine's books, but with her being somewhat of a controversial icon when I was growing up, I decided it would be worth a look, even though I felt like I was a Jew at a Clan rally on the night, being a single male attending the talk.
Well, I do have some Jewish genes, but so does Germaine, so at least we had that in common I guess:-)
Anyway, as I was waiting to buy a ticket to 'A Star is Born' I saw that 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' was also playing at the theatre and a thought popped into my head that maybe I should catch this movie at the cinema back in Brisbane next week.
I thought where did that thought come from, as I have never been interested in watching any of the 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' movies, or reading any of the novels.
I don't even know what they are all about, so why would I want to see this new movie?
I made a promise to myself that I would only see this movie if  
"the universe" gave me a clear sign that I should see it, which would mean that I would have to try and get up to speed watching the other movies made before it, so I would know what was going on in this latest movie, which I eventually had to -
Netflix Sunk the Video Store?
The Byron Bay Brewery beer garden
After I had lunch I took my beer outside to the beer garden to watch the bird life while I was waiting for 'A Star is Born' to start.
When I had finished my beer and was about to head inside again I nearly stood on what us kids used to call a bearded dragon ... a lizard.
Hmm ... dragon?
I thought you'll have to do better than that "universe" if you want me to see that movie.
So I headed into the men's toilet before the movie started and I think why is there a Marilyn Monroe star on a male toilet door?
Then I go into the cubicle and there on the wall is a 
spider spinning a web.
OK universe, you win I thought.
Time to track down the other dragon tattoo movies and get up to speed, before catching this new movie next week back in Brisbane.
I watched the first three 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' movies through Netflix on my iPad, although I couldn't find the first English movie in the series, but at least I knew the backstory before I saw the latest film in the series.
Watching the first movie on my iPad on Netflix
Claire Foy in The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018)
In hindsight, it was rather coincidental that a movie about a girl with a dragon tattoo who hunts down rapists and men who bash women should be playing in the town the same day Germaine was giving a talk about rape and men's behaviour.
And I found it amusing that in the movie
'The Girl in the Spider's Web' Lisbeth Salander keeps a pet lizard very similar to the one I saw in Byron Bay, in a glass tank by her bed.
I thought this movie was going to be a stinker when I read the reviews, but I didn't mind it.
Probably because I liked this movie for the Swedish scenery, since I used to work with a lot of Swedes for most of my adult life in a Swedish owned company and wondered what Sweden would be like to live in.
Not for me I'm afraid, Australia suits me just fine thanks.
I actually liked this movie better than the others I watched in the series, probably because I didn't have to read subtitles in this movie.
But I'm probably just another wanker who likes to 
"flog it on Fridays", right?-)
An advertisement above the Pig House Flicks
urinal advertising golf?-) 
And I don't even play golf:-)
A Royal Pines golf marker
I bought years ago 
And it just happened to be "movie of the week"
when I saw it:-)
Claire Elizabeth Foy
in The Crown (2016)
And now that I've seen Claire in 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' I've decided to watch her as Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Crown'.
I guess we won't have to wait long for the outcome to that part of the story?-)

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