" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 18, 2018

Portman, Pop-Culture and Irony: A Black Swan State and Annihilation?-)

I had to laugh when I read Chris Knowles' Secret Sun blog post 'Pray for Us Shimmers' where Chris writes about Natalie Portman and the movie 'Annihilation'.
Chris writes in his post -
"As we saw last year in Europe and the UK as well as over the skies of Florida after the hurricanes. So I suppose it's feasible that FLA is the epicenter of the Shimmer contagion, but my own guess would be in the OZ-NZ regions."
And Nat was just down here in Oz.
Nat was given a Melbourne Demons jumper and made an honourary support(man)er of a football club that was annihilated by the boys from the black swan state of Western Australia in their last AFL game of their 2018 season over in Perth's new stadium.
The WC Eagles (hence forth known as the Black Swans;-) went on to win the 2018 grand final after annihilating the Demons.
"The current Melbourne club jumper consists of a red V-neck on a navy-blue background, with the AFL logo on the front as well.
The major sponsors, Zurich and iSelect, appear on the front and back of the guernsey respectively"
Don't worry Nat, next year the Demons game with the Black Swans Eagles might be a bit closer?-)
Chris Knowles in Sync or Swim // Jack Kirby, Black Magick LARPs & the Siren of the Philosophers
I found it amusing that this newspaper article about Nat's visit was right next to an article about the Candyman's Christmas party being far from angelic.
Heath was the star of 'Candy', which featured the 'Song to the Siren' and Heath was from the black swan state capital city of Perth.
Geoffrey Rush standing behind Heath Ledger
Geoffrey Rush from my home state of Queensland was also in 'Candy' and it looks like the sirens have a call out for him at the moment.
Stars Geoffrey Rush
Coffee and the Siren's Song
The world gets a giggle out of Byron’s shiny new member…
"Disco Dong’, ‘Sea Side Shaft’, ‘Schlonghenge’… Whatever you want to call it, the new, undeniably-phallic sculpture rising proudly from Byron’s Bayshore Dr roundabout has certainly captured the world’s imagination.
But it may not be the kind of attention
Byron Council was hoping for when it commissioned the 12-metre, $52,000 installation for the gateway to the arts and industrial estate.
The finishing touches are still being made to the sculpture – a depiction of the Byron lighthouse made from thousands of stainless steel birds – but it has already become a source of hilarity, derision and in some cases outrage for locals and non-locals alike."
Oh, it's a lighthouse?
Vox Lux is about a monster in the making and the broken world that made her
"The demons that Celeste wrestles with are nothing new: various forms of substance abuse, a monstrously indulged ego, a stream of men who range from opportunistic to predatory.
But the movie, harsh as it may be in its view of Celeste and what she represents, also knows better than to sell her short.
There’s a stunning, exultant moment when Celeste performs in her shimmering electropop-Oompa-Loompa regalia, and Corbet seems as rightly transfixed by her as we are.
Her triumph may be the product of a Faustian bargain, but Vox Lux more than gives the devil her due."
Annihilation (2018)
Shine on Nat and if you come back next year, I might get you a Brisbane Lions jumper;-)

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