" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 19, 2020

Mushroom Madness and Fungal Fantasies?

Stumped by Fungi in my backyard? 
I saw that that latest 'Mysterious Universe' podcast episode was titled 'The Folly of Mushroom Wisdom' and I was going to give it a miss, but I went outside to hang out my washing and noticed that a heap of fungi has mysteriously sprung up overnight from the heavy rainfall we had last night here in my suburb (which is named after a plant).
So I thought maybe it's a sign for me to give the podcast a listen to.
Which I did.
It was only the first part of the free part of the podcast (I'm not a paid subscriber) that interested me, which was about a book titled 'The Wild Kindness: A Psilocybin Odyssey' which was endorsed by Erik Davis for some mysterious reason.
I still haven't done psychedelic drugs in my life yet, although I would like to give it ago a some future point.
Still, Bett's story sounds like a precautionary tale (not that I've read, or intend to read her book at this stage in my life) about how you should take mushrooms with a grain of salt:-)   
24.09 – MU Podcast – The Premonitions Bureau
I might just stick to my bedroom for guidance, rather than mushrooms right now;-) 
Not that I've recalled much from my dreams up to this point in my life, but I'm working on it.
Or should I say sleeping on it?-)
Snakes and Ladders and the Mysterious Universe of DNA?

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