" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 19, 2020

UFO Disclosure, Secret Societies, Synchronicity and the Alien Spirituality Religion with American Cosmic Author Dr. Diana Pasulka?

The X Files (1993)

I stumbled across an interesting podcast featuring
Dr. Diana Pasulka, which I think is really worth a listen -
But the guy WHO hosts this podcast show sounds like a complete paranoid when you look down the list of previous podcast episodes on his site.
I'm kind of surprised that Dr. Pasulka gave an interview on this podcast show to be honest.
I've been watching the early seasons of 'The X-Files' TV show, because I've not seen them before, and I couldn't help thinking that Mr.Weishaupt is like the guy in the X-Files show titled 'Soft Light' where the guy is afraid of his shadow and believes everyone is out to get him ... which in a way THEY are:-)
Mr.Weishaupt probably thinks the 'soft light' in the title is a reference to Lucifer:-)
As he seems to fear that mythological creature quite a bit it would seem from some of the brief paranoid rants I have listened to of his.
Scenes from Season 2 Episode 23 of 'The X-Files', 'Soft Light'
Maybe Mr.Weishaupt could do with some shadow work on himself, as I'm sure Carl Jung would have advised him;-)
Watching season 1&2 of 'The X-Files' I'm amazed that this TV show took off like it did in the 90s.
That 'Soft Light' episode is so stupid that it only really works as a metaphorical dreamlike piece of art.
The show does seem to have tapped into the 'collective unconscious' of the times it was made by the looks, and maybe fanned the flames of imaginations like Mr.Weishaupt's.
The truth is out there, but so are the lies.
I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the Covid 19 virus was made in a weapons lab and either deliberately or accidentally released on the world by some nut-bag or group, but please don't make me laugh Gary and Mr.Weishaupt by telling me Illuminati stories of global domination by Lucifer worshipers, just to prop up your tied old BS religious beliefs.
Not say that there aren't real conspiracies out there, but ....
Everyone likes a good story I guess, no matter how true it is.
American Cosmic’s Breakaway Civilization?

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