" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 18, 2020

Charlie's Falcon Tattoo?

Cameron has had a tattoo of Jones, one of the NFL’s best players, on his calf since December?
I was wondering what the tattoo on Charlie's calf was.
When Charlie has been close enough to me for me to get a close look at it, he never stands still long enough for me to work out just what the picture is.
Not that I would have worked it out anyway, since I haven't watched much NFL over the last few years, except for the Superbowls.
I go for the Seattle Seahawks anyway, but I'm not as keen as Charlie is when it comes to the NFL.
Charlie kicking a goal against the Gold Coast Suns in the last Q Clash
It's actually worth sitting behind the goalposts when Charlie and the boys are snapping some great goals I think.
Mitch Robinson snapping a goal in the Q Clash game against the Suns
And don't ask me what Mitch's tattoos are all about:-)
Me sitting behind the goals with my son at the recent St Kilda v Lions match
The cross is a souvenir I picked up in Melbourne in 2016 
Charlie wears my favourite number (23) playing for the Lions.
And it's only my favourite number because I was born on the 23rd ... although with that number costing me the difference between $1000 dollars and $1 million dollars in the lotto a few Mondays back, I'm not so sure if it's my favourite number anymore:-(
O Fate, You Are a Trickster Aren't You?
And on the subject of birthdays, I only found out while writing this post that Charlie and my youngest son were born on the exact same day:-)
AFL Screen Memories?-)
My little boy back in 2002 holding the 2001 GF trophy:-)
So it's weird thinking that Charlie and my son could have played in the same Auskick team, or against each other in their own age group.
A Company NOT Owned by Indigenous Australians, WAM Clothing, Has Exclusive Rights to Use the Flag on Clothing?
And it's bizarre to think back to that night in 2002 when my little boy came off the Gabba playing field from playing an Auskick match the same night that the Lions were playing St Kilda, only to be allowed to hold the 2001 grand final trophy that the Brisbane Lions had won for the first time, and to know this year that same field he played on will host the 2020 AFL Grand Final, because of the MCG not being suitable for crowds because of the corona-virus.
I was going to get a dragon tattoo on my left forearm, but if the Lions win the 2020 Grand Final at The Gabba, I might get a
Charlie Cameron (with the number 23 on his back) tattoo, too.

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