" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 11, 2020

This Very Moment is the Perfect Teacher?

Page 325 (3+2+5=10) from 'The Messengers', which I read yesterday:-)
Some of my old stuff that I'm giving away next week
Yesterday (September 10th, 2020) I was sorting through my shelves looking at old books, DVDs and CDs that I'll probably never read, watch or listen to again in my lifetime, and I thought someone else might find enlightening.
One of those CDs was Pema Chรถdrรถn's 'Don't Bite the Hook', a CD that I wrote about in this old post -
Don't Bite the Hook
The fishing lure/hooks I have hanging above my computer to try and remember not to bite
It took me ages to convince myself to put the CD into the donation box, not because I think I'll listen to the CDs again, but because I really like the cover photo of the goldfish.
But I convinced myself that there is probably someone out there who needs to listen to it, rather than me have it sitting on a shelf so I can look at the goldfish cover art.
Once I had made my decision to place the 'Don't Bite the Hook' audio book in the donation box I noticed some more cover art staring at me.
The owl on Mike Clelland's book 'The Messengers', which I'm determined to finish reading and place back on my bookshelf.
This video below about Pema starts off with what sounds like to me an owl?
Oddly enough I started reading from where I had left off when I had put the book down days ago and it was Chapter 21 titled
'Highly Charged Moments' and it started off with a story about owls and suicide, and how an owl sighting prevented the woman in the story from taking her own life.
Coincidentally yesterday was R U OK Day and
World Suicide Prevention Day, which I wrote about yesterday -
RUOK in 2020, or Feeling KO-ed?
World Suicide Prevention Day
I couldn't help noticing that the above You Tube video of Brian D.Smith's goes for 12:34 minutes, and how Mike Clelland is always raving on about how he notices 1234 number syncs in his life a lot:-)
Goes for 12:34 minutes?-)
September 10th, 2020?
Anyway I continued reading 'The Messengers' until I got to chapter 23 titled 'Owls Communicate', and I saw that Mike writes about his partner reading a Pema Chรถdrรถn book and how the chapter in that book mentioned was titled 'This Very Moment is the Perfect Teacher' which really grabbed my attention and took me aback enough to stop reading and go down to the kitchen and make myself a morning coffee while I mulled all this personal synchronicity over.
Page 325 (3+2+5=10) from 'The Messengers', which I read yesterday:-)
I then ripped a page off my Chinese wall calendar to see a picture of what appears to me of students giving their teacher flowers.
And I couldn't help thinking if this was a symbol of the
"perfect teacher" and that the moment was trying to teach me something about the strangeness of life:-)

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