" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 3, 2020

Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and James Hillman in Search of the Wild/Weird Soul... and for Something to Eat?

Soul Search with Dr Meredith Lake
Safron Rossi Ph.D. Mythological Studies, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Jung on Astrology (should get to me on my birthday [Sept.23] if I ordered today)
Glen Slater Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Pacifica Graduate Institute
I listened to a podcast a few weeks back about Jung, Campbell and Hillman's work, and I saw a picture at the podcast's web-page of an Irish store that had a Jung quotation hanging on an outside wall in Connemara, Ireland (the Jung part of the podcast starts at about the 28 minute mark) -
Soul Search Podcast: Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and James Hillman in search of The Wild Soul
For some reason I decided to try and do a net search for that shop in Connemara, Ireland, but ended up finding only an Irish cottage called Bealtaine Cottage instead, which was a permaculture project by the owner Colette O'Neill.
I like going for virtual walks around Colette's yard and Irish surrounds and these videos remind me of Alexis Brookes' garden videos -
Commentary in and on the Garden?
A Cottage and Three Acres
Walking Between Worlds ~ The latest book from Bealtaine Cottage
Colette's cottage project reminds me of Gordon White from
'Rune Soup' and his permaculture project in Tasmania in a way.
In Search of The Goddess Rising
I had also listened to another very good podcast about Jung and James Hillman at the 'Weird Studies' podcast, where at the start of the podcast the hosts talk about having a cup of mint tea from some leaves picked from a backyard garden they were in at the time -
Weird Studies Podcast: On James Hillman's 'The Dream and the Underworld'
I have written about that particular 'Weird Studies' podcast in other posts like this one -
The Pointy End of Dreams, Premonitions and Signs?
My wild patch of dandelion/cat's ear weeds
Listening to the guys talking about drinking mint tea from the garden made me wonder what picking a few dandelion/cat's ear leaves from my own backyard and brewing up a tea would be like?
The guys even talk about "word salads" in that 'Weird Studies' podcast, so maybe a few leaves in a salad might be more appetizing than a tea drink? 
I think I'll just stick to drinking my store bought roasted dandelion blend rather than risk brewing up weeds from my garden, but the idea of planting some mint sounds good to me.
I'm probably just dreaming about turning my backyard into a permaculture paradise full of edible and drinking delights when I look outside:-)
Pavement Dining?
Robert Moss About Coincidences & Synchronicities

UPDATE: September 5th, 2020
I did some weeding on Friday, so no more 'cat's ear' or dandelions for a while.

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