" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 24, 2020

St Kilda and Melbourne's Roadmap Out of Lockdown?

My Australian beaches calendar showing St Kilda Beach, Victoria, this month:-(
Melbourne's roadmap out of lockdown: Your questions answered?
I stayed in a motel across the road from the MCG back in 2016
It's kind of Ironic that at the start of the year I bought a wall calendar featuring an Australian beach for each month to inspire me to head off around the coastline from Brisbane to Adelaide and back, to mainly drive along the Great Ocean Road, a road I have not driven on yet.
I was contemplating on doing the drive to Adelaide back in 2016 when I came back from Tasmania to Victoria, but decided it would make my road trip a little too long and expensive, so I vowed to do it in a few years time from 2016.
I was all motivated to do the trip this year until Covid 19 closed all the Australian state borders and put an end to my 2020 road trip plans.
Going With the Flow in Devonport on My Last Day in Tasmania
Oddly enough, the last place I stopped into on my way out of Melbourne in 2016 was the carpark of this complex in St Kilda, pictured on the month of September on my 2020 calendar above, as I knew I had taken the wrong road on my phone's GPS map, so I stopped in the carpark to get my bearings and then get back onto the road that would get me on the road out of Melbourne (and Victoria) and to Eden in New South Wales.
But only minutes up the road that day I was caught up in a roadblock/crash that stopped traffic on the Princess Highway for hours, and which I wrote about in this post -
The crash outside of  Melbourne which closed the highway 
The Art of Swimming, Big Fish and Keeping Calm?
When I was caught up in that 2016 road accident I couldn't help thinking if that little wrong turn in St Kilda cost me a chance to avoid getting caught up for hours, or whether it stopped me from being closer to that accident and maybe getting killed, injured or my brand new car written off?
I'll never know I guess.
With my 2020 road-trip canceled by Covid 19 I've been staying home and sorting through my books, CDs and DVDs deciding what to keep and what to give away.
One CD I had forgotten about was 'Oh Mercy''s CD
'Great Barrier Grief' which I put in the CD player and gave a spin.
I couldn't figure out where I had bought that CD, but figured it must have been around the time I saw them play as a support act at
'A Day on the Green' way back in time, and reading this old post I was right -
I've probably played that CD twice now since I've bought it, and while there are a few good songs, I can't see myself choosing this CD to play over the others I have in my collection, so this CD is going to the second hand book shop, along with 'Nine Kinds of Naked', which was a good read, but something I doubt I'll read again soon.
But watching 'Oh Mercy''s 'Keith Street' video, where the singer is busking in the park outside the MCG brought back memories of the only game of AFL that I have watched there.
A game between my Brisbane Lions and the Richmond Tigers, who both play each other in a major semi-final Friday night week at
Shamanism and Footy?
My view at the MCG on June 25th, 2016
What a difference 4 years can make in football, right?
Me sitting behind the goals with my son at the recent St Kilda v Lions match
Ironically, I saw this screen shot of me and my son sitting behind the goalposts at the last Brisbane Lions/St Kilda game in Brisbane in 2020, and had to laugh seeing that blue Hyundai sign over the top of us on the moving TV screens, as that shade of blue is the colour of my blue Hyundai, which I still have, and was driving on my 2016 road-trips.
Charlie's Falcon Tattoo?
I guess you just never know how it will turn out on the road ahead when it comes to life.
And especially on the road out of Melbourne and on up to Queensland;-)

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