" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 2, 2020

Dates with Destiny?

The May 30th, 2020 front page
 headlines of my local paper
I read a story in a lift-out from my local newspaper on May 30th, 2020 titled 'Date with Destiny'
about a lady who runs a secondhand bookstore on Bribie Island and came across a book from her grandfather that was gifted to her as a young woman.
It's an incredible tale which you can read at this link at the shop's Facebook link -
SOMETIMES, the best story in a book isn’t the one the author intended.
I probably wouldn't have read that story under ordinary circumstances, but the headline 'I SEE DEAD PEOPLE' on the front of the paper caught my eye because May 30th is my parent's wedding anniversary (my father passed away 4 years ago), and bizarrely enough my grandmother (my mother's mother) passed away on that date years ago, and this year my mother's sister (my auntie) also passed away on that date.
And while I didn't know it at the time, I found out in August this year after watching the movie starring Mila Jovovich as Joan of Arc that May 30th is the day Joan was burned to death.
Fight the EVIL and LIVE: 2020 and Looking Down the Rabbit W/Hole Through Milla Jovovich's Eyes/Movies?
I hadn't been to Bribie Island since I couldn't remember when, so I had decided when I read the story in the newspaper lift-out that when I had gone through my bookcases and sorted out the next load of books, CDs and movies that I probably wouldn't read again, that I was going to give them to the Bribie Island bookstore this time and spend a day exploring Bribie Island.
I had planned on going this Wednesday, but then decided Thursday might be better, as I was feeling a bit lazy and unmotivated to make the trip on Wednesday, but at the last minute I saw that the 
'Bribie Island Butterfly House' was only open on Wednesday and Sunday, so if I put off my trip until Thursday I would miss out on seeing the butterflies.
The Synchronicity of Chasing Butterflies?
To me this was a sign I had to go Wednesday and not Thursday, as I was giving away my Wayne Dyer books and butterflies have been signposts to me on my life journey -
Sunset on Bribie Island Wednesday September 30th, 2020
The eastern side of Bribie Island on Wednesday
I also caught a screening of the new version of
'The Secret Garden' at the Bribie Cinemas, right after my visit to the butterfly house, which seemed a perfect fit to my Island day trip.
After my trip to the butterfly house I needed some refueling myself, so I went back to the fish and chip shop I saw when I dropped my 3 boxes of books off at the bookstore and ordered a serving of hot chips.
How handy, a clock with no hands at the butterfly house?-)
The trouble was with the hot chips was that the movie started at 2:15pm and by the time I had driven back to the cinema, which is pretty much across the road from the butterfly house, I had about five minutes to eat a heap of hot chips before the movie started.
So I gobbled down as many as I could and then grabbed an Aldi insulated shopping bag from the rear of my car and place the chips in the bag to eat when the movie was over.
And surprisingly the chips while not hot were still warm after the movie.
Eating my warm chips in my car overlooking Bribie Passage
My plan was to eat my warm chips in my car while watching the sun set over Pumicestone Passage, then go for a walk along the beach and the bridge to the mainland.
But as I'm sitting in my car looking out over the water the sun started bursting through the clouds in rays that looked like a giant eye in the sky, so I got out of the car with my chips and took a few photos of the "eye in the sky" before it disappeared.
The photos couldn't capture just how magnificent it looked, but I think you get the idea from the photos I took. 
The thing is that m mother's other sister, and my favourite aunt had died years before and she had lived and died in a little town pretty much in the direction of the setting sun just over on the mainland, and her wish was to have her ashes scattered over that passage of water.
I don't know if they ever were, but that was her wish my mother told me.
So this sunset display seemed rather special to me.
It capped off the perfect day-trip to the island for me.
I even walked out onto the bridge to have a chat to a pelican who was resting on a light-pole:-)
And here is the kicker, had I have gone on Thursday I would have been caught up in this drama to some degree in all 
likely-hood, not to mention that it hailed up that way too yesterday -

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