" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 12, 2020

Surekill in 2020?

'Surekill' is the name of an episode of 'The X-Files' from season 8 that aired on January 7th, 2001, about rat exterminators who also exterminate drug dealers.
I guess it only caught my attention because I first watched it in 2020, the Year of the Rat, while I was reading Christopher Knowles' co-authored X-Files book, which came out on November 11th, 2008, also a Year of the Rat.
The episode itself had a pretty stupid storyline for a TV show where most of the storylines are pretty stupid anyway, I thought, but this one does try hard to take the cake.
The episodes' motivations center around the character of the rat exterminator's secretary Tammi Peyton, played by the late actress Kelle Waymire, who passed away at the young age of 36 from cardiac arrhythmia.
Scenes from 'The X-Files' episode 'Surekill'
Watching 'Surekill' in 2020 was a synchromystical eerie experience for me, knowing the fates of two late actors from that episode, as well as knowing what would take place in NYC in 2001, the year that episode aired.
Greg Boniface, who played Gangbanger #2 in 'Surekill', as well as Tackled Man #1 in the movie 'Traffic', which came out in cinemas in 2001 also, was killed in a car crash with his brother on Christmas eve 2000.
Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say ... 
and the "TRUTH is out there"?
After watching the 'Surekill' X-Files episode, I saw that the 1972 movie 'Ben' was available to watch, and since I've always liked the song from the movie, but had never watched the movie itself, I decided to give it a viewing.
1972 was the Year of the Rat, also.
And I thought the scriptwriting on 'The X-Files' was ridiculous:-)
Kind of sums up
2020 though I guess?-)
A Surekill Ratkiller?-)
The X-Files is Just One Big Stephen King Carney Sideshow Nightmare, Right Mike Clelland?-)
In old Chinese tradition, the hours of a day-night period were divided into 12 double-hours, each of which corresponding with one of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, with similar symbolic motif and astrological significance.
The first of the twelve double hours encompasses midnight, at the middle of the double hour, corresponding with 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., with midnight being the midpoint of the first double-hour, which is the Hour of the Rat, or the hour zǐ (子).

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