" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 17, 2020

Somewhere in Time: Soulmates, Death and Spiritual Re-connection?

 I wrote in my last post about stumbling onto Allison Du Bois' new podcast show that Allison started with her first episode uploaded on August 11th this year, called 'The Dead Life' -
2000 Days: AS Time Goes By?
August 11th?
One particular podcast of Allison's which caught my eye (then ear) and that was uploaded by accident or design on November 1st, 2020, which is the day between Halloween and All Souls' Day, was a podcast episode talking with Hollywood producer Stephen Simon called 'Soulmates, Death and Spiritual Reconnection'.
I had read Stephen's earlier book about spiritual movies and written a post about reading his book back in 2012 in this old post of mine -
Great Book Written by an Insider
Stephen is the producer of the films 'What Dreams May Come' starring the late Robin Williams, and 'Somewhere in Time' starring the late Christopher Reeve.
The screenplay for 'Somewhere in Time' was written by
Richard Matheson, who also wrote the book that  the movie was based on.
I haven't read any of Richard Matheson's books, but I do have one of his books sitting in my bookcase that I picked up years ago and AM yet to read ... and it might just be the year to read it?-) 
I have seen the Will Smith movie made from the book, and I see on Richard's IMDB page that there is a re-boot in the works.
Maybe I'll read Richard's book after I read/re-read the books I've found scattered throughout my bookcases?
But I have to finish re-reading the one of Allison's books I felt I needed to re-read first, before I start reading the other books.
Take the E out of DEAD and it becomes DAD?-)
I find it personally amusing that it is chapter 8 that mentions losing parents, especially dads, as my father was born on April 8th, and my Nan (dad's mother) passed away on April 8th.
And of course the actress who plays Allison in the TV show 'Medium'Patricia Arquette was also born on April 8th.
Congratulations Patricia Arquette, Looks Like the 8-Ball Was Right About the Success of Your Longest Project
I don't put much faith in the concept of "soulmates", but it's always nice to read about couples who believe they are each other's "soulmates", like Allison and Joe, Steve and Terry Irwin, Anne and Whitley Strieber, and Stephen and his late wife, but I never want to ever see my "soulmate" from a 25 year marriage who I had two children with ever again, in this life or the next.
Allison's first episode was uploaded on August 11th?
I'm with Robin Williams when it comes to "soulmates";-)
Prophetic Scene from the Movie "Angriest Man in Brooklyn"?
I must have skipped over reading the dedication in the front of Allison's book about being friends with the Irwins the first time I read the book.
Terry must have really done some soul searching after Steve died, as I picked up an audio book at Australia Zoo when I was there last about John Edward  -
John Edward at Australia Zoo?
It was an interesting listen, but I've since given the CDs away
I guess life is one wild ride, "soulmates" or not?-)

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