" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 6, 2020

Chris Carter Creating X-Files Visions and Story-lines Via Negativa?

The title "Via Negativa" is Spanish for "Negative Way"
A nightmare vision of a headless Scully in 'Via Negativa'
I'm more pro-psychedelics than anti-psychedelics, even though I'm yet to do any, apart from the odd joint, or hash cookie (which really had no trippy effect on my system).
And I'm always fascinated listening to artists tell about their life changing trips, like Lucy Delics tells Gordon White in one of the latest 'Rune Soup' podcasts.
But as coincidence would have it, I had watched a very dark X-Files episode titled 'Via Negativa' before I had listened to Lucy tell her story on the 'Rune Soup' podcast
The rumour is that 'The X-Files' creator Chris Carter got his inspiration for the TV show about aliens from doing a peyote ceremony when he was staying in the town of Sedona.
And after me just having watched 8 seasons of Carter's show in the last few weeks, I have to wonder what sort of bad trip he had to churn out this dark rubbish?
I can imagine that there would be bad aliens out there, but in this crappy TV show it's nothing but bad aliens and other bad myth monsters, evil spirits and mainly bad humans.
The TV show is usually show after show of  nothing but bad scary nightmarish Stephen King-like trips.
Unlike me, I know Gordon's a fan of Chris Carter's TV show.
Maybe Gordo should try to get Chris on the 'Rune Soup' podcast and ask Chris just where his inspirations for his shows came from?

Bad trips aside, I've always been fascinated with Cusco and Peru and I bought a book with colour photos of rock formations, thinking that one day I might go and check them out -
Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Andes
The book is mainly about visionary rock formations in Peru 
But I have no desire now to make the trip to Peru in this lifetime.
I was going to add the book to my giveaway boxes that I wrote about here, but maybe I should mail it to Gordon, since he is planning on going back to Peru ... or he could mail it on to Lucy?
Consider the Rock Lobster for Xmas?
Ironically, when I saw Gordon's talk at a Magick bookstore in Brisbane, there was a table full of books about psychedelic trips and shamanism -
Having a Devil of a Time on the 13th with Gordon?
Some of the books I saw on a table at Gordo's talk in Brisbane
Alas, as I wrote in this 2020 post, the bookshop is no longer there -
A Local Magick Shop Disappears in all of the 2020 Chaos?-)

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