" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 20, 2020

The X-Files: Robert Patrick and Season 9/11?

'The X-Files' Season 9 Episode 11?
Having just recently finished watching the shit show that was season 9 of 'The X-Files' I couldn't help thinking that while the show fell apart in 2001/2002 and lost the plot ... if it already hadn't seasons before that is ... how eerily synchromstic were the events and writing in that season around Robert Patrick's character and his real life outside of being an actor?
Born on the 5th of November?!
Remember, Remember ... the Synchromysticism Surrounding Robert Patrick?
Season 9 of 'The X-Files' was filmed in 2001 when 9/11 happened, and I read that Robert Patrick says the day he heard about the terrorism event when he was working on the set of the
season 9, episode 3 of 'The X-Files' titled 'DΓ¦monicus', which was about, "a professor/inmate in a psychiatric ward who may be influencing other men to kill ritualistically.
Though Doggett sees it as pure manipulation, Reyes can't help but suspect none else but the devil himself possessing the professor's body."
Not that I believe in an entity such as the devil, but that does sound very synchromystic in an eerie cosmic sense, no?
"Actor James Remar says The X-Files saved his life.
He had been in New York City that summer, riding the Ladder Company 3 truck with friend Patrick Brown.
The show induced him to take the role and he joined the cast and crew days before 9/11 happened. Ladder Company 3 suffered some of the heaviest casualties that day, including Brown."
In XF9/3, "Doggett suggests to Reyes the killer might use human flesh to fertilise his garden - an in-joke referencing the movie
The Last Supper (1995), which starred Annabeth Gish."
Season 9 of 'The X-Files' would air exactly 2 months after 9/11 on November 11th, 2001, which in my part of the world (Australia) would have been Remembrance Day.
And of course Christopher Knowles'co-authored book about seasons 1-9 of 'The X-Files', plus the 2008 X-Files movie about a convicted pedophile psychic Catholic priest, was released exactly 7 years after the first episode of season 9 aired.
While the season 9, episode 11 of 'The X-Files' would air in 2002 on March 17th, St.Patrick's Day.
Ironically 9/11 took lace in 2001, the Year of the Snake.
Aired on St.Patrick's Day 2002?
I noticed that actress Tracey Ellis, who played the title role character of Audrey Pauley in the 9,11 episode of 'The X-Files' has not acted again since according to her IMDB page, for whatever reason.
I also read that Robert Patrick got the news of the passing of his good friend Ted Demme when Robert was working on
season 9 episode 11 of 'The X-Files'.
"Ted Demme collapsed after playing in a celebrity basketball game for the NBA Entertainment League and died a few hours later at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, the cause said to have been an accidental cocaine induced thrombotic heart attack."
And let's not forget that Chris Carter and the guys were making the spin off series 'The Lone Gunmen', where the pilot episode was about a plane load of passengers being flown into the Twin Towers on a remote controlled plane.
As I've said before ...
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