" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 15, 2020


With all of these Banksy-like monolith pranks by artists appearing all over the world news media lately, that are popping up in various spots around the world, I remembered that
synchromystic Jake Kotze and his friends made
a monolithic two hour Vimeo years ago called 'Monolith' .
I'm glad to see that the monolith in the middle of the Australian desert is still there ... so far;-)
MONOLITH the Vimeo?-)
I had planned on sitting down and watching my X-rental DVD of
'The X-Files: I Want to Believe', since I just finished watching season 9 of 'The X-Files' TV show, and am about to start on season 10 soon, b
ut my one remaining DVD player, which is inbuilt into my computer is on the fritz I've just learned and I can't seem to fix it ... because 2020:-(
I have now finished reading the Christopher Knowles co-authored book on 'The X-Files', which because of it being released in the
Year of the Rat 2008 only covers seasons 1 to 9 of the TV show, while touching on the X-Files movie that was being released that year.
I have seen season 10 of the 'The X-Files' before though around when it come out, and I think I might even have watched season 11, too maybe.
But I had never watched any of season 1 to 9 of the TV show until this year, when I saw that they were all available to watch for free with my Amazon Prime subscription ... unlike the two X-Files movies.
I don't remember a whole lot about season 10 ... or even season 11, if I have seen season 11 before that is, but I will watch them again now I have more of an understanding of this shit TV series that is/was so popular for the last 30 years for some reason that is lost on me.
Surekill in 2020?
'The X-Files' episode 'Surekill'
I will watch the 2008 movie again, now that I have watched 'The X-Files' right up to season 10, but I'll have to buy myself a new DVD player first.
At least I have a spare two hours now to watch MONOLITH on Jake's Vimeo channel ... before it disappears, as well;-)

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