" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 30, 2020

New Zealand Test Great John Fulton Reid Dies at the Age of 64?

Reid made 108 runs?
Cricketer Martin Crowe is a relative of Russell's, if I'm not mistaken?
I don't like cricket ... and no, I don't love it, either.
The game bores me to death, but I couldn't help taking note of the news story I saw on the net this morning of the passing of
It was told in that news story how Reid combined with
Martin Crowe to beat the Aussies at my favourite sports ground, The Gabba.
But the sport I love to watch at the Gabba, isn't cricket, it's Australian Rules Football -
GAB[B]A Lockdown Special: Never Say Never ... Again?
My sons' Christmas/Birthday present to me this year:-)
The last time I was at the Gabba was for the 2020 AFL Grand Final, with my youngest son sitting beside me barracking like I was for the Geelong Cats, since our team the Brisbane Lions fell a game short of making it to the big dance:-(
My two sons gifted me the silver framed photo above for a Christmas present this year to remind me that they had already gifted me my Birthday/Christmas present of the $400 grand final ticket this year.
When I saw Reid had made 108 runs at the Gabba against Australia, and died at the age of 64, I couldn't help thinking just how important those numbers are in Asian thinking and philosophies.
Especially since me and Russell were both born in '64:-)  
Cricket may be a boring game to me, but LIFE is an intriguing game to me that never bores me like cricket does:-)
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