" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 7, 2021

There Must Be a Better Word to Use Than Synchronicity When Talking About a Coincidence/Coincidences That You Personally Find Meaningful?

Lately I've been getting weary of hearing the "experts" tell me what Carl Jung's definition of the word "synchronicity" really means.
Welcome to the Jung/Owl?
I like Dr. Bernard Beitman's take on trying to get away from
Carl Jung's coined word and find a word that is more meaningful when it comes to referring to meaningful coincidences.
Which is why I have recently modified my sidebar to include this explanation around the image of the
"synchronicity happens" clock -
"Sometimes a "synchronicity" is just a cigar," as someone once friends with Jung never said;-)
I've not read the book 'Super Synchronicity' but I have just read (barring the boring statistical analysis chapters) Gary's book
'The Truth About Medium', because I had bought that book when I bought some of Allison DuBois's books through the internet.
When I bought those books I was under the impression that Allison and Gary were friends, because of all of the early work they did together at an Arizona university in the early 2000s.
Apparently they were friends until Gary brought out
his book about Allison and the TV show based on her life that had just started airing on network television at the time.
Not that Gary says anything bad about Allison, as far as I can tell (except for that BS chapter about mediums being like cats), but it does seem like a blatant ride on the popularity of the TV show in an effort to boost Gary's book sales at the time, and obviously this is where the "friendship" ended for whatever things went on behind the scenes of that book coming out against Allison's wishes.
Allison even has a dig at Gary a few times in her books without naming him directly I noticed ... or am I just connecting dots that aren't really there in her books?-)     
I have heard Gary on a few podcasts lately, and while I like a lot of what he says in some of those podcasts and applaud his efforts in trying to study this stuff on a scientific basis, being a high school dropout I don't really have a lot of faith in so called "experts" trying to tell me why they are right and I am wrong.
My school is Life, not some university curriculum, or church dogma, where I'm told what I should believe.
God gave me a brain to use and a life to live, so I'll use them as I see fit, right God?-)
Quantum Yoga Podcast 38: Dr. Gary Schwartz
Good luck with that "Soulphone" project Gary, as I can't see ... or hear, that one eventuating, but we all need a hobby I guess:-)
I found Gary's book 'The Truth About Medium' more tedium than interesting, but there were some gems along the way, like where he writes about that arsehole Penn from 'Penn & Teller' calling Allison and the other medium "C*NTS" and and saying how much he hated Gary for his work.
Penn is mightier than the sword?
I also found it timely reading Gary's book just after the death of that other arsehole "The Amazing Randi", who probably isn't a skeptic anymore now that he is "on the other side":-)
Is that the ghost of Christmas past?-)
You'll have to give James a ring when you invent that "Soulphone" Gary and ask him if he has changed his mind ... and whether you win the $1,000,000:-)
And Gary I noticed you find meaning in the number 11 popping up in your life, so James passing at 92 (9+2=11) might be rather meaningful to you?-)

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