" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 22, 2021

A - Z and EVERYTHING In-between?

Amazon hopes pandemic habits stick after profits triple?
The A to Z of AmaZon in pandemic times?
A Mason ... maybe?-)
No, I don't really think Amazon is run by Freemasons, but I thought I would give the Fundies/Nutbags something to wet their imaginations/pants over:-)
Still companies like Amazon, Disney, Netflix and the like are big fish that don't know when to stop devouring the little fish in the pond, and that does worry me. 
While I do have an Amazon Prime account to watch the movies they run, without paying for their rental movies, I try not to buy books through Amazon, when I can buy them at my locally owned bookstores.
I remember seeing Amazon warehouses in the movie 'Nomadland' and thought to myself, who would want to work in those daytime prisons?
I couldn't figure out whether the makers of that movie were praising big soulless companies like Amazon for giving employment to the down and outers of society, or showing what a double-edged sword they are to our future workforce and buying habits.
And while I'm not an anti-vaxer, if you think as an over 50 year-old Australian that I'm going to let you shoot me in the arm with that AZ blood clotting shit and that is the only vaccine I'm allowed to have, because it's too dangerous to give to under 50s, then you know where that prick of yours can go, I say.
A World Full of Pricks?
Why should I bother getting AstraZeneca today?
I find it mind blowing that the Australian government would tell me that I can't have the Phizer vaccine, because they need to give that to the under 50s because the AZ vaccine is too big a gamble for them to take.
But the game is worth playing if you are over 50?
And don't quote meaningless odds at me, either.
I'm a gambler, so I know about odds, but I wouldn't sit down and play Russian Roulette with my life, just because the odds favour me 1 in 6 of being killed from a single spin of the chamber.   
If it's two people I can't stand, it's Big Brother and Mr. Monopoly ... two big pricks in my books (books I now buy locally that is, and not through Amazon:-).

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