" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 1, 2021

Crop Circles: A Crucial Communication Ignored and Lied About?

The crop circle mystery has faded with time?
Crop circles are as big of an enigma to me as Whitley Strieber is to me, and funnily enough I just gave away a book that I bought years ago full of colour photos of crop circles to a book exchange last Wednesday -
Oddly enough, I also gave away a book from another author WHO has been an enigma to me over the years, too.
Born and died on the 1st of May?!
Oh, and happy birthday J. Allan Hynek for today;-)


  1. Its funny I follow you posts and although there's much I don't make sense of theh consistent resonate and often sunc with themes I've blogged about, today I woke and realised the only real crop circle I have ever seen was on May day (beltane 3 years ago) iknow what you mean about croo circles and ufo's being an enigma but to me they fo seem connected to the phenomena of synchronicity (meaningful coincidence)

  2. I know that my posts would be rather enigmatic to most readers who stumble across this blog J and that I'm the only person who could possibly get what I'm writing about 100% from where I'm writing from, as only you would get what you write about on your blog 100% of the time.
    My hope is that readers will resonate with me about 50% of the time on a "collective consciousness" level at least.
    But the blog was set up originally to keep in touch with sync bloggers and as a personal stream of consciousness pop cultural blog, so I expect most people won't get what I'm on about a lot of the time.
    I could tweek my writing to make it more accessible to the general public who stumble across this blog, but that was never my audience from the get go and still isn't.
    The people who follow my blog seem to like the challenge of my enigmatic posts, and you would be surprised just who reads this blog J, as would I ;-)

    1. Yeah absolutely,I get what your saying and set up my own blog for the same sort of personal
      reason as you and perhaps inspired by many of the same early sychromysyics bloggers (while i dont focus on syncs in film like the early synchromystics did, i have a rule that the symbols/archetypes/memes i blog about must be syncing (or at least repeating) for me.I don't always feel compelled to explain the connections.
      Keep up the good work and once again you hit my sync nail on the head with your recent references to chaos magick and Pete Carroll who I recently discovered lives in my home town of Bristol

    2. Maybe Pete Carroll is Banksy then ... or you?-)

  3. Shh

    1. "... I was disappointed to discover they were in reality just flawed human beings like the rest of us ..."
      It sounds like Tricky was more of a Pricky to me:-)
      What a Prick!?-) -