" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 11, 2021

CRIKEY: The Alphabet [Rune] Soup of Gen X, Y, Z, Baby Boomers and Alphas?

The new CRIKEY! magazine Issue #57:-) 
Generation Alpha?
I thought it was rather synchromystically amusing that after finishing my re-reading of that
old Tasmanian Devil Gen Yer's book 'The Chaos Protocols' that the current issue of 'CRIKEY!' magazine arrived in my PO Box and featured on the front of the magazine a new generation, just after I wrote a post about Gordon White calling my generation (which includes that old Dragon Terri Irwin, as well;-) a Biblical plague of locust -
Boomers, Gen XGen Y, and Gen Z Explained?
Terri was born in the Year of the Dragon and turns 57 this year
Terri Irwin is a baby Baby Boomer, like me and I find it ironic that the current 'CRIKEY!' issue number is 57, which is the age we will both be turning this year ... if we make it, that is;-)
June 25th and There Be Dragons in the Mental Village in My Head?
Gordon turns 40 this year being the old Gen Yer/Millennial that he is;-)
Australia Zoo turned 50 recently, and Steve Irwin, born in the
Year of the Tiger (like Bindi) would have turned 60 next year -
CRIKEY, the Crocodile Hunter is Really a Tiger Queen ... slander?
Queen ... slander?-)
Bindi, although a Tiger Queen also, was born in 1998, which makes her a Gen Zer/Zoomer, when it comes to all of these BS artificial marketing generational groups.
Little Grace I guess would be an Gen Alpha?
Grace’s name features a sweet tribute to Bindi’s late father, the great Steve Irwin?
I'm happy that my generational journey through this chaotic planet is almost at an end to be honest.  
And as for Chaos Magick, what a LARP and a laugh:-)
I'll stick to Synchromysticism for my magic in this seemingly chaotic world.
As much as I like Gordon and his Rune Soup podcast , Chaos Magick is not for me, and I'll be passing the book and this latest 'CRIKEY!' magazine on to another random reader on my next trip to the book-exchange.
No hard feelings Gordo, but the book is better out in the world than gathering dust on my old Boomer bookshelf until I die.
And if you think I'm insulted by your Baby Boomer/Biblical plague comment Gordon, I'm not, as I think it is a laugh, just like
Chaos Magick is to me;-)
I guess I'm jest an old FOOL?-)
I don't take life too seriously, as you may have noticed reading through my blog posts:-)
A subscription offer in the latest 'CRIKEY!' magazine:-)
The Last Picture Show Author Fades Out of This Earthly Picture?


  1. Thanks for the Dead stuff. Blossoms blooming.87

  2. You pulled out all the stops on this one, old man! (don't worry, I'm right there with you)!