" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 3, 2021

$ecret $uns and $ynchroCinema ... for a Price?

Doesn't divine destiny produce your synchronicity?
The Mystical Underground: Amelia Aeon Karris: Star Seed
SynchroCinema Seminar: Midnight Special (2016)
I was listening to the latest 'The Mystical Underground' podcast featuring Amelía Aeon Karris taking about her
book about synchronicity and I couldn't help thinking about a movie I saw back in 2016 down in Canberra, starring Joel Edgerton and Sam Sheppard about a wacky fundamentalist religious cult and a young boy who has to wear SUN glasses to hide his vision problem from the world.
Cold in July: The Passing of Sam Shepard
I couldn't think of the movie's title for the life of me though, and then I see Chris Knowles at 'The Secret Sun' blog had just written a post about just having watched it on Netflix.
I remember walking out at the end of that movie thinking what a fisser that was ... and I still do.
So I was curious to read why Chris thought this movie was so good.
But not so curious as to pay him to find out why.
Did someone say a plate of calamari?-)
Everybody on the net would like my Donation Dollar for a synch story it seems.
At least the MacGregors haven't put their podcast behind a paywall yet.
Ironically I've just cut my Netflix subscription off, so I've got until June the first to get my money's worth of programming in, but I won't be re-watching 'Midnight Special' on Netflix this month.
I wonder how much Kool Aid my dollar will buy me?-)
And May the 4th be with you all tomorrow:-)


  1. I’d buy the book as a form of donation but wouldn’t sponsor a podcast...

  2. Yeah, I don't mind buying the books ... which I have, but I ain't paying to read a blog which I find is only a good free read.
    It would be like me asking people to pay for for the stuff I write here.
    The day I ask people for cash donations to read this blog is the day I should give it all away ... for free:-)