" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 1, 2021

Squiddlies and Magickal Squiggles?

'The Chaos Protocols'
"The Pacific octopus may be highly intelligent and possessed of its own language of body movements and pigment changes, but they don't tend to write too many off-Broadway shows.
(I would spend more time at the theatre if they did!)" writes
Gordon White in chapter 7 of his book 'The Chaos Protocols':-)
I had re-read that above passage from Gordon White's book on Monday when I was watching the Oscars live from LA LA Land, so I was rather amused to see 'My Octopus Teacher' win an Oscar.
The 93rd Academy Awards?
The Oscars on my TV set live on Monday morning
The Octopus and I?
Unfortunately for the octopus the Greek festival is back on again this month and octopus is back on my menu. 
Paniyiri 2018: Under the Stars and from the Sea?
I had some for lunch on Wednesday at the Bribie Island Bowls Club, too.
I even feed $4 worth of coins into 'Kraken Unleashed' and won 0.
I also played $30 worth of 10 spot Keno on the squid's advice, but only got back $14.
Maybe I would have had more luck playing 8-spot Keno instead?-)
So the elephant in the room all week seems to have been an octopus when it's come to coincidence?

UPDATE: May 6th, 2021


  1. I read somewhere the English Navy believe there’s a Kraken in the North Sea. Story goes subs discovered some weird guttural noises in the depths of that sea... i wonder if it’s good to eat if it ever falls on my plate? Perhaps a Bribie Bowlo special...

  2. Looks like the Japanese are already building takeaway food outlets before heading off to find that Kraken in the North Sea?-)