" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 28, 2021

Homecoming/The Little Prince?

I stumbled across a very interesting podcast called
'Homecoming with Jessica' when I was searching for podcasts about the book 'The Little Prince', and just why people all around the world love this book so much (I do too, by the way ... kinda).
After listening to Jessica's podcast about 'The Little Prince' and why she liked the book so much, I was intrigued as to why she had started her beautiful soothing podcast, so went to the beginning and started listening to her story.
Her podcast reminds me of the GABA podcast with its melodic contemplations about life, which I've written about in other posts on my blog, like this old post -
Sweets is a Meditation on Love, a Never Ending Sherbet Fountain?
I've had this post on the back-burner for a few hours, because there must be a problem with Blogger's picture uploads and I can't get images to load into the post right now.
But I can get You Tubes to upload, so I've decided to write the post and upload it now, and re-edit the post when I can get the images to upload.
It took me a while to learn from Jessica's podcasts that she has lived in my home country of
Australia for over the past three years, but in another Australian state to mine.
Jessica lives in Sydney somewhere, which I thought was interesting timing on my part, coming across her podcast when
the ballet of 'The Little Prince' has just hit the stage of the
Sydney Opera House this month, not that I plan to be going down to Sydney to see it.
2021 in Australia doesn't seem to be much better for inter-state traveling anymore than 2020 was.
I have walked this Byron Bay beach in the You Tube below many times in my life, but not since Covid happened.
Hopefully I'll get to walk Byron's beaches again sometime soon, when I make the time to cross the state border again ... when it isn't closed to me that is.
2020: Fortress Queensland?
I find Jessica's piano music and contemplations about life very soothing when doing quiet housework around the home.
I guess I have the Little Prince to thank for all that?-)
Some days are diamonds, and some are rolling stones:-)
I remember seeing 'Crosby, Stills and Nash' at Bluesfest and hearing them playing 'Teach Your Children Well' as I was trying to make an early break to the car-park to avoid the bottleneck traffic for my long drive back to Brisbane that night.
A Good Friday at Bluesfest
Episode 65 - Children, Music & Birds
If You Want to Make God Laugh ... ?

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