" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 14, 2021

A World Full of Pricks?

2021 is driving me batty as the days fly by
The Government has limited the COVID Pfizer
to Australians aged under 50?
It looks to me like the vaccine roll-out in Australia is being run by Gen Yers who have the same opinion as Gordon White does about Baby Boomers being a Biblical plague of locust -
Seems like discrimination to me that the AZ vaccine is too risky for any Aussie under 50 to take, but worth the risk for Baby Boomers to take.
You know where you can stick that AZ needle I say.
I'll wait for the better/safer vaccines to roll out before I play AZ Roulette with my health.      
Experts say Australia’s manufacturing investment too late?
I'll just sit here eating my
Soylent Green until the government let us Baby Boomers have the good stuff like the under 50s like Gordon White are getting, or allowed to get ... pricks:-)
What a Prick!?-)

UPDATE: May 14th, 2021
Just in reply to Dan's comment below about the fuel shortage in the USA, I just saw the above news story hit this Australian news site.

UPDATE: May 17th, 2021

UPDATE: June 18th, 2021


  1. Have you guys heard/ followed the great pipeline hack...petrol hoarders have bled almost ALL petrol stations dry, they are either out of gas or limiting to 20 US dollars purchases.Us Yanks are reminded Mad Max was set in 2021!Our highways are as vacant as the Covid days were a year ago.

  2. No, I hadn't heard about the petrol situation over there Dan.
    They are actually shooting the next Mad Max movie in New South Wales (Australia) soon, starring Chris Hemsworth (as who, I don't know ... Mad Thor? ;-)