" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 20, 2021

Insects, Aliens, Future Nightmares and Fireworks?

The UneXplianed Podcast #545 -
Jacques Vallee And Paola Harris
Last Friday I had a new mattress delivered to my home for a new bed-frame I had purchased from a local furniture store.
I took the box upstairs to unpack the mattress, and then found something bizarrely interesting when I came back downstairs with the empty boxes to cut up and bin.
My new Freemason bed-frame?-)
It's amazing what can be squeezed into a box.
My new king-single mattress:-)
On my living room floor tiles was a very small insect that must have come in the front door when the delivery guy brought the box in.  
It seemed to be either a baby grasshopper, or a cricket to me.
I couldn't let the little insect stay inside and eventually starve or dehydrate to death, so I dropped the boxes for my mattress and bed-frame and tried to catch the little creature to take it outside.
I tried to pick the little insect up with my hands a few times, but every-time I tried to it would jump away, so I decided to grab a clear plastic container and a piece of paper to slip under the container to hold the insect long enough to place it outside on the grass.
I couldn't believe the way this little creature was looking at me
The only suitable piece of paper I could find was a flyer from some junk mail out of my mailbox advertising a school fair and a fireworks display planned for that night.
You looking at me, you lookin' at me?-)
Even when I put the little creature outside it just stayed there watching me rather eerily, like it had something to tell me.
It reminded me of a little praying mantis I had encountered years ago, which I photographed and wrote this post about -
 When The Impossible Happens ... to Me
The funny thing was that I had been sorting through some old DVDs I had bought over the years because I still had the de-cluttering bug and had planned on watching one once I had assembled my new bed. 
It was called 'Microcosmos' and I had bought it years ago after having won a double pass to see it at the cinema when it came out.
Oddly enough, my father came to the cinema to see it with me, which was rare, and it turned out to be the last movie we would ever watch at the cinema together.
I thought it was funny, but not surprising that when I was searching for a trailer for the
French insect movie that an advert for a TV show called 'Resident Alien' would play before it:-)
Anyway, I watched my insect DVD that afternoon thinking what a bizarre day it had been.
That night around 8 pm I'm reading a rather disturbing news story about the Chinese threatening Australia with a future missile attack if we are not careful, and as I'm pondering just how much hot air this news story is, a large explosion goes off just outside my home scaring the s#it out of me.
But no, it wasn't Chinese missiles, but most likely Chinese fireworks, which I had been warned about in the flyer I used to capture my insect friend that afternoon, but had forgotten about ... until 8 pm Friday night:-)
I hope these are the only kind of Chinese fireworks I see fired over Australian soil.
I gave this book away recently in a de-cluttering
Then on Monday night I listen to the latest 'The Unexplained' podcast featuring Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris talking about insect looking alien creatures supposedly captured around the Trinity A-bomb site, and Jacques even mentions crickets in that podcast:-)
The Unexplained Podcast: Edition 500 - Jacques Vallee?
My new bed-frame and mattress:-)
And since I've had my new bed I've been having some of the best sleep that I have had for quite some time.
I just hope that the bed bugs don't bite ... or anal probe me in the future:-)

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