" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 2, 2021

Donation Dollar$?

The Donation Dollar that my brother gave me
It's taken me nearly a year since I wrote this 2020 post about the Australian Donation Dollar to finally stumble across one in person -
A Donation Dollar?
"The coins features a green centre with a gold ripple design symbolising the ongoing impact each donation makes to those who need it most", so says the coin's Royal Australian Mint web-page.
But I think the design looks more like a spider's web.
Did I hear Greg Carlwood mention working for GameStop in that 2016 podcast above?
And then the Irish guy in the podcast below gets as sickest as he has ever been in his life after getting Covid just after talking to Carlwood about his stoner theroies on the virus?-)
The funny thing about the way I came across my first
Donation  Dollar is that it came out of a poker machine when my brother was cashing out of the machine he was playing for a while.
He was cashing out out his $25, but the machine ran out of $1 coins after dropping $23 worth into the machine's tray and still owing him 2 more.
The alarm went off on the machine alerting the staff that the machine needed to be filled with more coins, and while my brother was counting out how many coins the machine had dropped, he spotted something unusual on one of the coins ... the ripple. 
He took it out of his coin cup and saw that it was a Donation Dollar and then give it to me:-)
I had been playing the 'Kraken Unleashed' machine next to his 'Penny Pier' machine with the $4 in change I was given along with the $10 note in my $14 worth of winnings from my $30 worth of 10 Spot Keno games I had put on about an hour before (I lost $16 from my initial $30 in other words ...along with my $4 I ran through the Kraken machine).
I'd put $30 worth of 10 Spot Keno on before we had headed off to both have calamari for lunch, because I had seen the octopus on the in club TV screens advertising the game.
I thought it might have been a lucky omen when I saw there was 23 seconds left when I was trying to snap a shot of the TV squid on my cell phone at the time.
But, as I have already told you above I only got $14 back out of my $30 stake.
I only took the coin off my brother so I could snap a few shots of it, write this post and then donate the dollar back to him.
It will be interesting to see just where and when I'll come across another Donation Dollar.
The Jobless Are Urged to Retrain ... in What ... Busking?

Louise Sims never thought of herself as a compulsive gambler
I guess we know where Louise's Donation Dollars ended up?-)


  1. Put $14 on a Tigers three-peat...Dazzle

    1. I've got it on the Sharks for tonight's game Spartan, but I did pick the Tigers in their last two games, and I'm picking them to beat the Titans, too.
      But I haven't put money on any of the Tiger's picks.