" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 7, 2021

June 25th and There Be Dragons in the Mental Village in My Head?

Statehood Day (Slovenia)
Gordon White's birthday is June 25th:-)
Page 172 of 'The Chaos Protocols'
I wrote a post after reading a section of
Gordon White's book
'The Chaos Protocols' about birthdays, generations and dragons -
Confronting my grandmother the Baba Yaga
I had also listened to a 'Conversations' podcast this week about Krissy Kneen's new book, and in that podcast Krissy talks about her Grandmother's obsession with dragons, visiting her Grandmother's village in Slovenia and all of the dragon statues in the Slovenian villages she saw.
I then later read that Gordon White was born on June 25th, and I had also read was Slovenia's Statehood Day, which brought a smile to my face.
Also in the 'Conversations' podcast Krissy tells how her Grandmother won the lotto through her calculations (magick?) and then pretty much blew the money through unwise investments in building a tourist farm to show off her dragons in a remote Queensland town.
June 25th is also National Catfish Day, which I also found amusing when I looked up the Catfish as an animal totem:-)  
I guess there is a message in all of that chaos somewhere for all of us?-)


  1. Great sync, also George Orwell’s birthday. Also Qld’s Don Walkers band was called Catfish. If I remember correctly Slim Dusty covered one their tunes. Can’t remember which...

    1. On a funny personal note, when I was a kid and I would fish in the Brisbane River, not far from my Nan's house at West End, all I would ever catch were catfish, and I would throw them back into the river, because nobody wanted to eat catfish in my family.
      Today if you pass that same spot on the riverbank where I used to fish there is a big sign telling you that part of the river is toxic for a good 40 metres, because of the petro-chemical company that used to be there pumping waste into the river.
      Luckily I never caught a fish worth eating when fishing on that spot:-)

  2. Yeah, I saw Orwell was born on June 25th when I was writing the post.
    Pity Gordo was born in 1981 and not 1984:-)