" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 5, 2013

Finding Nemo, Too?

Finding Dorothy?
I saw this paragraph - "My reaction yesterday morning upon learning Pixar was finally going to make a Finding Nemo sequel and it would be called Finding Dory and based on Ellen DeGeneres’ forgetful fish..." 
at a blog-site named Dorothy Surrenders -
 It hadn't clicked with me that Dory could be short for Dorothy.
I need to watch Finding Nemo again I think, to get up to speed.
This kind of fits in with my post about Jessica Watson sailing from Oz to Oz while traveling through Point Nemo, which is a  
'No Man's land' 
(the furthest point away from any land on earth)
Jessica Watson: Finding Point Nemo  
Which is also funny that I realized this about "No Man's land" after finding out about the sequel on a lesbian's blog;-)
Point Nemo
Jessica Watson sailing The Pink Lady
The unofficial start and finish for Jessica's trip was Mooloolaba.
Jessica back home at Mooloolaba
(Robert James)
Bend in the river, winding north
Mooloolah opens up her mouth
The black snake winds as the river always will
Life goes on when the water is still

Life goes on, life goes on when the work is all done
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba
Life goes on, even when the waters are still

Left to the freeway, driving north
The glasshouse mountains legends bought
Surfboards in cars come as they always will
Even when the waters are still

Life goes on, love goes on when the work is all done
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba, surfboards in cars
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba, come as they always will
Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba, life goes on, even when the waters are still

The black snake winds as the river always will
Even when the water is still

Mooloolaba, Mooloolaba…
From the edge of the world I can hear the water breathing
Her unmade bed is where I'll be sleeping
Even when the waters are still

Secrets In the Sand
Robert James is/was a guitarist in the band  
GANGGajang which you will see if you watch the  
Sounds of Then
music clip below. 
You will see him dancing with Chris Bailey, who passed away on the 4th April, 2013.
Chris Bailey passed away April 3rd, 2013
Chris Bailey, bassist from Australian rock band The Angels and GANGGajang, has lost his battle with throat cancer, aged 62.
 Take a Long Line 
He was selling postcards from a paper stand
A whiskey bottle in his withered hand
He put a finger on a photo from an old magazine
And saw himself in the shadow of his dream
They found him with his head inside a tin-pot crown
Told him his feet stank and took him downtown
Called him agitator, spy and thief
Shut him up in solitary third degree
Take a long line, reel him in
He tried to appeal to the king of might
He said "I'm just excercising my sacred right"
The king he said "You ain't got no rights
You're a madman, a traitor, get outta my sight"
Take along line, reel him in
They put him aboard a well wound whirlwind
Pulled out his teeth and rold him to grin
He gave them a smile, pulled out a bottle of wine
And said "I never existed, you've been wasting your time"
Take a long line, reel him in

Jessica's long line.

Legal Lies: The Whiskey and The Damage Done

Point Nemo was named after Captain Nemo
"The Federal Government has announced it will pay $21.6 million for the science fiction film 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea to be made in Australia.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Arts Minister Tony Burke say the film, which will be produced by Walt Disney, will create more than 2,000 local jobs.
There are reports that David Fincher, director of Fight Club and  
The Social Network, is in line to direct the movie, with Brad Pitt to star as the film's hero Ned Land."


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