" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 12, 2013

Are the Owls What They Seem?

A 90 minute book talk about "Coincidence" with regard to why and how we choose to be on the planet. Based on the book  

'Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife'  
by Richard Martini "
Interesting talk once more by Rich Martini, something worth exploring further, 
but I just can't help thinking that -

The owls are not what they seem

I'm not saying that there is anything "Twin Peaks" evil going on here, but there seems to be something else besides the obvious at play.
 Something more dreamlike perhaps?
Owl's Brew
Interesting thing happened when I was looking for owl pictures for this post, 
I came across the above photo that, let's just say, has my name written all over it.
and as I was listening to Rich's talk he mentioned Robert Beer (Bob?) just as I saw the beer caps at the Owls Brew post.
Bob was just a set decorator hiding behind a chair? 
Or so the story goes.
Sounds like a good analogy for all this weirdness with owls.
And just about every beer cap above can be linked to a red thread in the recent sync web for me, which would take up a blog post of it's own.
But here is just one example; see the Newcastle Brown Ale cap, 
well check this sync out from yesterday involving Newcastle -
Football Links To My Old Home Town Coincidence 
And the cap above the Newcastle one ... The Salmon of Doubt?
Black Rock and Higher Consciousness?
Not to mention the Samuel Adams beer cap.
Dan Haggerty also played Jeremiah
a modern day version of Grizzly Adams.
See the purple cap plus the Adams cap.
 "The title character, played by Dan Haggerty, is loosely based on the actual trapper
 James "Grizzly" Adams." 
The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams
The "Do What You Love" Sync
 And the is even a tragic bridge story that I was going to post about today which happened on my favourite Brisbane bridge 
Darkside of the Bridge 
(The Story Bridge)
 this morning involving a taxi and a passenger car.
Another death on the Story Bridge this morning
 " A 70-year-old taxi driver has died and three other people have been injured after a head-on collision on Brisbane's Story Bridge.
A car and a taxi collided head-on just before 5:00am (AEST), closing all but one lane on the bridge for around four hours.
Each car was carrying one passenger and all four people were injured.
The taxi driver from Morningside on Brisbane's eastside was trapped in the car for about an hour, but later died in hospital.
A 20-year-old woman driving the other car and a 19-year-old man suffered critical injuries.
A 23-year-old man is in a stable condition in hospital
All four are from the Brisbane area.
The accident caused traffic chaos in inner-Brisbane this morning" 
Traffic chaos after fatal crash on Story Bridge
Pete's Brewing Company?
One of my best mates and ex-work college, who used to do loads of bush-walks with me, is named Pete and he was/is a mad keen home brewer who was always trying to talk me into brewing my own beer.

Climb Every Mountain?
And my father-in -law passed away on 30th October 
 (October Fest?) a few years ago.
His old neighbour passed away about a year later and his name was Adams.
You can read the strange story about the day he passed away in the above book.
 or here -
John and the Wild Parrots
Taken at my father-in-laws house after he
had passed away a few months before
So maybe the Lorikeets aren't what the seem either?

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  1. Two large cottonwoods to the nw of home,almost everytime I visit my yard they chime in. Hoot hoo. Reading the blog, Group name for grape juice and The Secret sun, my freak-out indicator by the profundity of our synchromystic blogger world is on fire. The WOW factor is at least 23%. As the multifarious mind of the synch hive explodes there are bound to be ever more synchs to absorb. Do not be afraid my dear mystics. We will shine forth our beauty and communicate to all who have ears to listen. Shine!!! Dennis