" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 21, 2013

Holy Trinity, Batman! Maybe We Are in a Matrix?

Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Dulwich Hill, Sydney.
" A 100-year-old church in Sydney's inner-west is still smouldering after it burnt down early this morning.
Firefighters were called to the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Dulwich Hill just before 4.00am (AEST).
Inspector Chris Sedgewick says the old architecture made it especially hard to fight the fire.
He says the nearly 100-year old building could not be saved. "

 Note: I don't hold the beliefs of the above speaker and his views on what he is talking about.
I found this sermon shot in the Holy Trinity Anglican Church on the Holy Trinity Anglican Church website about the sinking of the Titanic on the 15th April -
The Unsinkable Ship (A sermon on Luke 13)
 Here is a picture of Father Dave wearing a 
Newtown Jets Rugby League top in the photo above.
The Newtown Jets arguably most famous player 
Tom Raudonikis (pictured above)

 recently lost his grandson when he was killed in an on field accident this month -
Grandson of league legend suffers 'freak' accident as family decides to switch off life support

The boxing ring that was in the building that burnt down.
Newtown, Sydney, Australia.
Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, USA.

Published on Apr 15, 2013
The Road to Damascus (A sermon on Acts 9:1-20)
First preached by Father Dave at Holy Trinity Dulwich Hill on April 14, 2013.
This was the last sermon to my knowledge, before the fire destroyed the church.
It was uploaded on You Tube on the 15th April, the day of the Boston Marathon and the date the Titanic sunk.
Run on the 15th April, 2013.

Damascus fragments as the din of war grows louder

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Maybe Icke's right that we are in some kind of a Matrix here?
Matrix -- Baba O'Riley
Death and Taxes (Matthew 22)

Maybe the message here is to stop frighting each other?
Trinity, White Sands and Boxing? Sandy Hook, Newtown?

Sonic Boom?

Trinity (nuclear test)

Update: 21st April, 2013
House on fire a stones throw from my house this afternoon.
TV helicopter hovering over my neighbourhood.
"A FIRE has ravaged a home in Brisbane's south this afternoon with one woman rushed to hospital for smoke inhalation. 
Four fire crews rushed to the scene, contending with a partially collapsed roof as they fought to contain the blaze.
Everyone was accounted for but a woman was taken to hospital after fire crews contained the fire just after 3.41pm.
Fire investigators are scheduled to inspect the scene."


  1. I think we have to start solving the matrix. At the moment I keep having synchros about peace - about how we have to get some sort of message out there, otherwise we will destroy much of what we have. I've done a couple of posts on this theme: Food For Thought: Peas Or Peace

    Always interesting to read what you discover.

  2. That's true Mike and in around about way this post is holding up a mirror to the madness of the Matrix and saying,do we keep fighting each other until we do something really press that red button,or do we try and do something positive about it,and try to solve the differences that plague us on this planet?

    I only put the pieces of the sync puzzle together and try and see what it is trying to tell me.
    I'd prefer it if they were positive,but I won't throw out the negative pieces for fear of bad news.I'm not one of those
    'bring on the Armageddon freaks'
    because to me Armageddon is a myth.
    Which is not to say that we aren't capable of blowing the planet up,either.
    But I agree with you Mike,you have to try and stay positive,or you'll go under.That's what I like about your site Mike,it's an oasis of positivity in what can be a negative world at times.

  3. Hey Darren, there is definitely a Batman link to the bombings...saw it last night on UK TV news...a waitress wearing a Batman t-shirt with the name of the cop that was shot in a tribute to him!


  4. Synchros, I think, may provide us a path out of the matrix!

  5. Or, at least, may provide us with tools for understanding the matrix...