" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 6, 2013

28 Days Later?

New Pope takes office 13/3/13
28 Days later ... on April 10th a madman wants all foreigners out -
" North Korea has told foreign embassies in Pyongyang to consider evacuating staff by next week because it will be unable to guarantee their safety in the event of any conflict.
European countries with embassies in Pyongyang including Britain and Russia have confirmed they have received the warning advisory.
A spokesman from Britain's foreign office said Pyongyang had warned in the notice that "from April 10 [it] would be unable to guarantee the safety of embassies and international organizations in the country in the event of conflict". "
North Korea issues foreign embassy warning
Pryce is not in 28 Day Later, but he is
in most of the rest that follow below.
The Rock as Agent 23 in Get Smart
World War Z was written by the son of Mel Brooks creator of  
Get Smart.
I wonder what the Z stands for ... could it be a word that rhymes with lion?
The Brooks boys are pretty smart in my books, they write with their eyes open.
So 28 days after the Pope gets into office will be April 10th ... Hmm.
Would you believe it?-)
Pryce plays King James in this one
"And for every wish there will be a price (Pryce?) " line from 
 I thought of the director of the movie 28 Days Later when I did a bit of Trainspotting
in this Bee Gees clip -
When I saw the news story about April 10th, I thought wouldn't it be a bit of a coincidence if April 10th was 28 days after the Pope who looks like Jonathan Pryce took office, and sure enough, it is.


  1. Great post. I've been wracking my head trying to figure out which actor is the new Pope's doppelganger, and John Pryce it is!

    the price is right
    the ledger


  2. A few years ago they looked very much alike,but not so much anymore.
    Looks like they've grown apart.-)