" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 7, 2013

Bad Blood Out Now

King Uke and Pancho have now released Bad Blood 

on their new EP , Wanted.
 Featuring these three songs -

I can't get Bad Blood to upload for some reason...
so you'll have to follow this link to You Tube
Bad Blood by King Uke & Pancho
or go to King Uke's blog to watch it.
WANTED! (2013) 
I feel disappointed I couldn't upload that Bad Blood clip.
In fact, I feel like a load of...
And don't forget about that other great song by the King - Snow.

One of Jack's favourites.
He could just sit and listen to it all day long;-)
 I finally got it to load.


King Uke said...

"What kind of stupid name is that?" I've often wondered myself ;-)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It's not a stupid name KU,
I just wanted an excuse to use my BTF gifs.
But that hat you're wearing makes you look like a s#!+head.-)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

...and it's bound to attract heaps of McFlys,too.-)