" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 4, 2013

Easter Sunday at Bluesfest

Easter Sunday at Bluesfest, and yet more rain.
This post is a follow up post to my Good Friday post 
Good Friday (?) at Bluesfest 
about my day out at Bluesfest.

The first thing that met me on Easter Sunday at Bluesfest were more dark clouds.
Dark and Stormy at Bluesfest?
So it seemed appropriate to duck into this new bar run by the Bundaberg Rum company -
Bundaberg and Bears 
and try a dark and stormy.

Cigar box guitars

Then I wandered around looking at the interesting stalls scattered about the grounds,
 like the one I wrote about here a few days ago -
Cigar Box Guitar Sync
I love those organic donuts.
Then it was off to the food tent for a bite to eat while the heavens opened up above us.
Raincoat time.
Gumboot time for those who have them. I wasn't one of them unfortunately.
Once I was fueled up and the rain had died down I stepped out to see who there was to check out playing in the concert tents.
Luka Bloom on stage Easter Sunday.

First artist for the day for me was Luka Bloom.

I particularly liked this song above for some reason.
After listening to Luka Bloom it was back out into the drizzle and while walking around I happened to catch an act I saw last year - Brother Fox, playing in a little silver caravan to a captive audience.
I saw Brother Fox playing Bluesfest 2012,after winning the busking competition and can say that they were worthy winners.

Peter Noble,the man himself, on the Rockwiz stage Easter Sunday.
Walking past the Rockwiz tent I saw they had Mr. Bluesfest himself 
Peter Noble on stage asking him about next years line up.
Apparently, he says he is in talks with Elvis.
One Bluesfest fan was really getting into the swing outside the Crossroads tent;-)
Jon Anderson, lead singer from the band YES on stage Sunday.
Jon Anderson
My mate in the UK would have liked how Jon played quite a few songs on his ukelele.

Roger Hodgson on stage Easter Sunday at Bluesfest.
Then it was time for the man I had come down from Brisbane to see and hear -
Roger Hodgson.
Roger Hodgson
It's raining again :-) / :-(
Right before Roger started singing the heavens opened up as much as they had all day, including afterwards that day as well.

And even storming, as well.
Just as Roger came on stage there was one fork of lightning hit pretty close by 
and a massive rumble of thunder soon followed,
but that was it.
Just the one strike.
After that it just pored down on the tent throughout his songs.
Well, I guess it had to if you had read my post about Good Friday ;-)
Good Friday (?) at Bluesfest

Roger Hodgson on the big screen at Bluesfest.
One of my favourite Roger Hodgson songs is "Lovers in the Wind" and I was lucky enough to see/hear him perform this song as well.

Xavier Rudd and dancers on stage Sunday.
Then it was off to see Xavier Rudd play.

Xavier Rudd with a bird on his head at Bluesfest 2013.

Xavier Rudd signing a personal possession of a fan ;-)
Xavier Rudd reduced to the $1 table?-)
The Lumineers Bluesfst 2013.
The I watched "The Lumineers" do a few songs including the song in the clip below, and then I hit the road back to Brisbane...that was after trying to find where I had parked my bloody car.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Looks like great fun, dark and stormy and all! Now I have a new thing I want to attend - brisbane seems to be the enter of the literary and musial universe!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Byron Bay is a long drive from Brisbane,and it's in another state as well.

Mike Perry said...

Great pics, pity about the rain but in some ways will make it more memorable.