" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 13, 2013

What's Happening?

He wants everyone to wear all white to his concert on the 13th?
Is "Back to the Future" a Film About the Knight's Templars and Their Fight with Rome?
Didn't these guys once wear all white?
All white?
Gangster style?
Great Scott ...
 now the
penny's dropped;-)
Are you all white Doc?
You look dressed for a sacrifice.
Shaken, but not stirred?
Great Scott!
On 5th November, people celebrate Bonfire Night, in England.
They call it
Guy Fawkes' day, or Gunpowder Plot.
Guy Fawkes
tried to kill King James.
He put gunpowder under the Parliament.
He was discovered and arrested.
He was executed.
Bonfire Night, people do fireworks and bonfires, they eat parkin cake, potatoes, sausages, toffee apples....
The day before
Bonfire Night, children do models of Guy Fawkes to burn on the Bonfire. 
It is called « Penny for the Guy»
 The 13th wasn't a good day to be wearing white either.
" On 15 April 2012, during a military parade to commemorate
Kim Il-sung's centenary, he made his first public speech. 
That speech became the basis of 
"Onwards Toward the Final Victory"
a repetitively aired propaganda hymn dedicated to him"
Ruler of North Korea
Maybe black would be a safer colour to wear to the party?
The psyns are not good;-)
Oh well, what can you do, but -


  1. I read on the Guardian website:

    "While Kim Jong-un keeps the world guessing if he will make good on threats to start the third world war, millions of South Koreans are agonising over a more pressing question: will Psy's next single be another global hit, or a mega-flop?"

    As for Kim Jong-un I wonder if he is simply sabre rattling?

  2. My personal opinion is that Jong-un is being egged on to a war with the west.
    It's no secret that NK has been on the shopping list since Bush came out with his 'Axis of Evil' speech.
    I don't think the west will let this opportunity pass them by,even if they have to start it themselves.
    I could be wrong,but if you follow the form guide,you would be mad to bet against it.
    Let's hope I'm wrong.

  3. I'm sorry if this posts twice.

    I was catching up on tv series 'Go On' last night and in one of the later episodes '16 Candles' was heavily referenced by the character Steven, played by John Cho, born June 16, 1972 in Seoul, South Korea. He plays Mr Sulu in the new Star Trek movies.

    I'd never seen '16 candles', so the reference meant nothing to me, until now.

    It had occurred to me that 'Go On' could just be 'goon', a bit of a joker.

  4. @Unknown
    I've not heard of the show
    "Go On",but I have seen the latest
    "Star Trek" movie,so I know the actor you're taking about.
    I saw "16 Candles" at the cinema when it was first released,which gives you an idea of the age-group I'm in.-)
    Perhaps the only thing I really remember about "16 Candles" was Long Duck Dong.
    That character made the movie in my opinion.
    Synchronicity sure works in strange ways by connecting many different things in many different ways.

  5. Brizdaz, I too grew up in the 80s. I've seen 'Pretty in Pink' many times, but '16 Candles' just passed me by. Although 'Duckie' is Molly Ringwald's best friend in Pretty in Pink, and he stole that movie too.

  6. "Pretty in Pink" was better than
    "16 Candles" IMO,and you're right, 'Duckie' stole that one,but
    "The Breakfast Club" was my favourite out of all those type of films.

  7. This could prove to be a valuable site:

    Also, did you realise there are 11 separate financial crashes HAPPENING right now?

  8. That's why the Banksters want this war to start with NK,they will literally make a killing in ammunition sales.
    But of course the cherry on their cake is Iran -

  9. Maybe, but perhaps the synchs are pointing us to this:

    Duck, Korea, 11 all mentioned in the first paragraph. Banksters love war but eugenicists love pestilence.

  10. They're all playing for the same team,anyway,Banksters and eugenicists.
    It's members of the same chess club playing the same old game.
    But Korea is more like a game of chicken then chess at the moment.

  11. I've been posting over at Merovee today

    The game is Octominoes! It's all about counting money and making change.


  12. Hi, I don't know what's going on...sabre rattling or whatever, internal politics but I'm sure this is playing directly into America's hands somehow...let's see what happens next!


  13. Hope you are wrong Darren! It puzzles me why South Korea don't seem quite so worried as the west say they are. Some manipulation and skulduggery going on behind the scenes.

  14. Funny you should use the 'game of chicken' term as it brings us to the 3rd horseman of the Apocalypse, those that control our food supply:

    Note the number 11 in the first sentence.

  15. Here is the new song 'Gentlemen'

    My weird synch I had is the ad I got before playing the video of the live performance - 'Apocalypse' lipstick from Rimmell!

  16. Great post. Oddly, I've had some personal "wind" syncs, And tying V for Vendetta into BTTF is crazy brilliant.

    We're having a strong Aurora possibility tonight, keep your eye on the sky, as usual.