" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 13, 2013

The Gecko in Room 237?

The dead gecko I found in my room
while watching Greer's interview.
Greer's little alleged alien from his next film.
I was reading a post at Gordon's (Gecko ?-) blog 'Rune Soup' called, 
Someone's Spinning Somewhere
where he writes about geckos.
 He says,
" Gecko provides a new perspective on situations. 
It appears and disappears, observing the worlds from the corner of the ceiling or from beneath the window. 
Gecko sees sideways where we only see forward. 
A Gecko visitation is like finding an extra-dimensional flipbook under your pillow. 
If there’s a through-line between the images it almost-always eludes me.
Page one is usually Gecko."
 Gordon also mentions this legend in the post about geckos,
"One day, Adi-Mailagu descended from the sky and landed in a river
She emerged out of the water in the shape of a grey rat.  
She also appeared to men either as a beautiful woman or a short, angry hag with a yard-long tongue hanging out of her mouth. 
Sacrifices were offered to her and finally she answered the priests’ questions about the future. If she visited an eager man at nightfall, in the guise of the lovely girl, he would surely die. 
She used to live in a tree that was shaped like the grey tree rat but when the tree was cut down she was never seen again."
 Which reminded me of the above scene from 'The Shining'.
The gecko that fell to earth ... from my blind.
This all reminded me of finding the gecko (above) while watching Stephen Greer's interview about his new film, where he reveals that he has a small dead alien in his possession.
Crowe Captures UFO on Camera?
Gordon ends the post with these words -
" What does that sound like to you, other than ‘clearly absurd when viewed from a human perspective’? 
If there’s a through-line to extradimensional behaviour, I’m f#c%ed if I know what it is.
Somebody’s spinning, somewhere. 
You can count on that.
Click click click.” "
I'll have to agree with him on that point.

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