" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 22, 2018

Just How Random is Life and is There a Hidden Hand at Play?

"A California man has had an unbelievable lucky streak, winning more than $6 million in lottery prizes in six months.
Antulio Mazariegos purchased four tickets in the last six months. His first big win happened last November when he won a
$1 million Scratchers ticket. He decided to try his hand again and won two more prizes, worth $1,000 and $600 each.
When he turned those tickets in, Mazariegos bought four California Black Premium Scratchers, California Lottery announced Friday.
That’s when he won his biggest prize of
$5 million in the Scratchers ticket.
Mazariegos said he just likes playing the game and can’t pinpoint what’s causing his lucky streak.

If we truly lived in a random universe news stories involving lottery wins like this guy's above should be far and few between, because the odds are just too astronomical for them to occur in life you would think.
(H)And I had to laugh to myself in recent weeks after listening to statistician David J Hand's talk with Dr. Bernie Beitman in that
You Tube above where David dolls out advice about playing the lottery and picking your numbers, because in recent weeks the press has been full of people winning the lottery not just once, but twice and sometimes more.
Double delight: Melbourne couple wins the lottery, twice
A "Melbourne couple has won $9.6 million in lotto after a woman bought two separate entries using special numbers marking her wedding anniversary and children's birthdays.
The Langwarrin woman bought a ticket for herself and one for her husband in the 'Set for Life' lotto drawn on Friday and won first prize with both entries.
Winnings will be paid out at a total of $40,000 a month over 20 years.
It's the first time there have been two first-prize winners in a single draw since the lotto began.
"The Sydney man who won Lotto twice in less than a week told 9NEWS he originally wanted to change his first winning ticket.
Not liking the look of the numbers, he asked the vendor if he could exchange it for a different one.
"He said, we absolutely can do that, no problem, but he said - stay with that ticket," the man, who wants to remain anonymous, said.
"He was right."
The Bondi resident took home two division one prizes just five days apart, with winning tickets bought from the same newsagent, bringing his total prize to over $2.4 million.
His first stroke of luck came when the man, aged in his 40s, won the guaranteed $1 million in the Monday Lotto draw.
That entry won a total of 181 times after snagging division three 30 times and division four a remarkable 150 times, bolstering the total prize $1,020,487.00.
With some of his winnings, he then went back to Bondi Sixway News and bought another ticket to try his luck for a second time.
Just five days later the man found he had won again, this time bagging $1,457,834.33 in Saturday's prize.
This brought his total winnings to
$2,478,321.33. Not bad for a week's work.
Paulo Coelho on Luck, Coincidence, and Faith
"A Colorado Uber driver received a tip from a passenger that eventually landed him $140,000.
The man, identified as James P., said a rider gave him a $5 Super Special Ultimate Bingo Scratch ticket. He won $30 from that first ticket and used it to buy six more of the same kind.
He told the lottery he kept winning small amounts and “just kept rolling it over and over into more tickets.”
Eventually, it paid off.
Six weeks later, he bought the winning ticket which earned him a
$140,000 prize.
The Colorado man said he plans to give his parents some of his winnings but also wants to use some of the money to fix up his car, he added.
James said he has driven the passenger who gave him the initial ticket multiple times, but hasn't seen him since the win.
“I haven’t been able to find him yet and tell him about this, but I hope I do," James said.

I had another post involving my own personal statistics involving birthday dates and my visit to a small town in 2016 in
New South Wales named New Italy, which was established by Italian immigrants arriving in Sydney on my father's birthday of
April 8th ... but in the year 1881.
But that story needs a post of its own.
The Deadman Hand is a pair of aces and 8s in poker
"Touch" the Deadman's Hand Coincidence
It was from seeing another news story on the ABC website about birthday statistics that got me really thinking about just how random "chance" was when I saw that my father's birthday of 
April 8th and my own birthday of September 23rd were two of the most popular birthdays in Australia statistic wise.
Australia’s most (and least) popular birthdays revealed 
"The chart compares the popularity of birthdays based on total births between 2007 and 2016.
This is the first time Australian data on day and month of birth have been released to the public.
September 17 takes the cake for Australia’s most common birthday, with 8,862 births over the 10-year period.
It was marginally ahead of April 8, which had 8,829 births, and September 23, with 8,816 births.
As you can see in the bar chart below, the difference between the most popular birthdays is small. 

It comes down to 15-35 births over 10 years, or 2-3 babies a year."
The thing is though, on the subject of odds, was my Nan (dad's mother) passed away on his birth-date of April 8th, as well. 
Well, what are the odds, as they say?-)
What I also found amusing when I listened to this talk between an American and Englishman telling me how to pick "winning" lottery numbers, was that in Australia the Powerball format was changing that month, which meant that I could no longer play my old numbers and would be forced to pick new ones.
One of my old numbers was 39, but I couldn't play that number anymore in the new format, as the ball numbers in the first barrel only went to number 35 and in this new format you had to pick seven numbers instead of six, so I needed to pick another two numbers.
My old registered Powerball numbers
I don't play any of those numbers above now, except for the powerball, because I play the "Powerhit" option that gives me every powerball with my seven numbers.
Ironically I put the idea of the Powerhit to the Queensland office of the national lottery only months before the Australian Powerball unveiled this new option when it comes to playing Powerball.
I used to run a syndicate of 10 players at the old Swedish furniture store that I slaved at back then and in those days there was
40 powerballs, not 20 like there is now.
I used to have to mark off by hand 40 games to get every powerball with our syndicates five numbers and I was getting sick of doing this week after week, so I emailed the lotto office and asked them if it would be possible to put a box on the side of the coupon where you ticked it and got all of the powerballs with your set of numbers.
The lady who received my inquiry told me that she would put the idea to the research department and see if that was a feasible option, but that I shouldn't hold my breath on that one.
She also told me I wouldn't get any money for my idea if they went ahead and used it.
I said no problem, as I just want to make my life of running the work syndicate easier for me when it came to filling out the coupon.
I wish I had of kept those e-mails now ... not so I could sue them, but just to prove it was my idea at the time.
I'm sure some other person would have thought of doing it at some point anyway.   
When I tell people now that the Powerhit was my idea that I put to the Queensland lotto office I can almost see them roll their eyes as if to say sure you did, buddy.
But I did.
Anyway, I don't care whether people believe me or not, maybe I'll have the last laugh when my 'Powerhit' numbers come up before 
my number comes up?-)
Stranger things have happened, as a palm reader I went to in my twenties used to tell me.
In hindsight he was extremely actuate in things he told me that would happen in my life journey ... and he also told me that in my later years in life that I was going to come into a massive windfall that would set me up for life, probably through a lottery win, or from writing a book.
I have no intention of writing a book and doing all of that touring and interview BS, so it would have to be a lottery win, which I have always felt in my bones that I would.
He wasn't the only "psychic" to tell me that either.
It hasn't happened yet, but I have a feeling that it will soon.   
Not that I'm telling God my plans though;-)
Today is my mother's late mother's (my grandmother) birthday and there is a Buddha on that date on my calendar today, so I'll take that as a good and lucky personal sign.
The Improbability Principle: What are the Odds?

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