" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 23, 2018

The Spirit of the Lily and the Lillypilly?

Pages 168 & 169 of 'Draw Your Weapons'
I've had my "Lucky Bamboo" for about two years or more now, which of course is not bamboo at all, but part of the lily family.
'Lilies of the Field 3' by Anglenia Vick
I've been pretty much doing what that paragraph pictured above from the book 'Draw Your Weapons' suggests about sending love and attention to the plant and I've got to say that the experiment has been impressive as far as the plant's health and growth has come along since I started that practice.
"Keeping lucky bamboo inside houses and business places is believed to bring happiness and prosperity, and this belief has promoted sales of lucky bamboo shoots grown in decorative pots.
The plant has become the most popular indoor plant in certain parts of India, where the plants are usually imported from China and Taiwan."
They say that "Lucky Bamboo" grown in pots inside the home can grow to 3 feet high.
Mine is approaching the 2 foot mark pretty fast.
I wrote about my "Lucky Bamboo" in an earlier post last year -
Lucky Bamboo/Lily and Dandelions
That's my "Lucky Bamboo" as it looks today on my kitchen bench
I love plants and trees, because you can observe that cosmic force of the universe that flows through your own body in these living works of cosmic art.
And of course we as humans rely on plants for life.
My new basil plant, which won't be around
 the house for too long
I also bought a basil plant last week that sits on the opposite side of the sink to the "Lucky Bamboo", which I use as a food source for when I cook pasta, by snipping off a bunch of leaves from the plant and using them fresh in my tomato and red wine pasta sauce.
I don't know if this was such a great idea in hindsight, even though I love the taste of fresh basil, I now feel that when I cut the basil I have to reassure the lucky lily that the same won't happen to it, as the basil plant is for food and you're not I have to tell it.
My inherited lilly-pilly tree that my bird friends love to sing in
Looking out my computer room window at the tree
While I don't care how big my "Lucky Bamboo" grows, I have a young lilly-pilly tree that I do care very much about how big it will grows.
The roots of the lilly-pilly tree working their
 way into my pipes and bricks
Previous owners had either planted, or let grow a lilly-pilly in the backyard that I now own.
Researching just how big these trees can grow I found out on a 'Brisbane Trees and Gardens' website that these trees can grow up to 35 metres in height (that's over 100 feet).
I decided a few months ago that I had to have the tree cut down, before the roots started wreaking my, or my neighbour's pipes and yard.
So, I decided to head up to Tamborine Mountain Distillery and buy a bottle of Lilly-pilly Gin to toast the tree's last weeks, as well as go on a bush walk among the mountain's massive old trees.
I was surprised to see that my old mate had sold the business since my last visit, but he still owned the property.
Rock On(!) Tamborine Mountain?

The Lilly Pilly Gin that I bought
The massive trees up on Tamborine Mountain on my walk
Wow, just what I needed to see on my walk ... massive roots 
More roots to think about on my walk
I even went for a walk to the lookout on the north-western side of Mt. Tamborine to see if I could see my suburb, which I would have been able to see if it weren't for the trees.
My home would be behind those trees somewhere
I had picked up a visitor guide and saw an advert for The Polish Place and I had decided to go get a coffee and watch the sun set and hopefully see some bird life, as I used to bring the kids up here and have coffee when I was married.
As I was walking back to my car from the lookout, I saw a grandfather sitting at a picnic table watching his two grandsons play and we struck up a conversation and he asked me if I was staying up here and I told him I was just up on a day drive and was now heading off to The Polish Place to have a coffee before heading home.
He told me it was closed right now, and I asked him how he knew that, as I had seen an advert in the tourist guide.
He said because he owned it and that it would be opening at the start of 2018.
I hadn't seen the big red sash in the top right-hand corner of the advert reading "Re-opening early 2018" .
I only planned to be out at the lookout for 5 minutes, but we talked for about an hour.
He told me how The Polish Place burned down when a fridge caught fire because it overheated from a faulty transformer from the maim powerline, and how they lost nearly everything to the fire, including the pet dog.
He even told me how the 50 or so bottles of Polish vodka stored in the cellar blew up just in time to give the news crew that had gathered with their cameras something to record for the TV news.
 So, after our chat I decided to grab a drink in North Tamborine before heading home and saw this around a tree I had parked under on my last visit up here.
I was told by a shop-owner that a branch had come down on a couple of parked cars that were under it and smashed them up pretty good.
So that's a lesson to me never to park under trees with car-smashing branches again.
The lilly-pilly tree still in my backyard
The thing is that even after all those months ago since finishing my Lillypilly Gin that I brought home to farewell my lilly-pilly, I've done nothing about cutting it down.
I like the tree, to tell the truth and so does my bird friends, but if I don't cut it down soon I could be up for some major repair bills, not just for my place, but my neighbour's place, as well.
My brother has just had his pipes unblocked to the tune of $3000 and now they are blocked again, so I had better move my ass if I don't want to face the same situation.
Funnily enough I came across a children's toy called 'Flush Force' at my local supermarket and decided to by one to see which figures I would get in my "#two pack" out of a possible 150.
I thought there might be a message from the universe for me by which two figures I got in my bowl.
And I got these two figures pictured below.
A pot plant named "Stink Eye" and a log named "Stump Speech(an imminent log jam perhaps?-)
Stink Eye reminds me of the plant out of 'The Little Shop of Horrors' that is always saying "feed me", so I put it on the self above my "Lucky Bamboo".
The log or "Stump Speech" sits above my computer to remind me to sort this tree problem out before it becomes a real pain in the ass:-)
I love having plants and trees around the house, but sometimes they can become a real nightmare for the homeowner.

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  1. Golly, gosh,gee wiz space man, you live in a beautiful place! Your fascination with plastic figurines must be discerned. (-: What fun you have on you travels. Shine forth brave souls. 87