" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 3, 2020

John Carpenter, Owls, Screen Memories and Aliens?

John Carpenter?!
As I wrote in a previous post I've been reading Mike Clelland's book 'The Messengers' -
Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature?
Cute Baby Owl Wearing Sunglasses?
The abyss gazes also into you. ... Friedrich Nietzsche
John Carpenter?!
And I have to say that I was amused to see an abduction researcher named John Carpenter mentioned on pages 34 & 35 of Mike's book, because the only guy I knew (not personally though) named
John Carpenter involved with alien themes is the movie director who had made such movies as 'They Live', 'The Thing' and
'Halloween', to name a few.
Movie director John Carpenter was born on January 16th:-)
The Paracast: Sun 17th Jan 2010 - John Carpenter on Leonard Stringfield
John Carpenter hasn’t directed a
film since 2010’s
“The Ward”
 I tried to find that old 2010 Paracast podcast featuring John Carpenter talking about Leonard Stringfield to have a listen to, but it seems to be behind a paywall, if anywhere on the net, and I'm not that keen to listen to it if it ain't free.
Oddly enough the latest Rich Dolan podcast (below) is about Leonard Stringfield's work -
The Inevitable End of UFO Secrecy ... One Year Further On?
I did find a 2015 uploaded You Tube called
Profiles In UFOlogy featuring John Carpenter, which was an interesting listen/watch.
But I was surprised to find out that the movie director of the same name hasn't made a movie since 2010, which was the same year of the John Carpenter Paracast episode Mike refers to in
'The Messengers'.
That movie was called 'The Ward' and starred Amber Heard as a woman named Kristen:-)
And if you are familiar with Mike's personal owl stories then you will be aware that the name Kristen is quite important to the genesis of his blog and the owl books.
See the You Tube below
The Invisible Man Has a Hollow Ring to It?
Starring Amber Heard as Kristen?
Wildfox Couture
It might be time to put on my fancy pair of sunglasses as I read through the rest of 'The Messengers', as it my not be all what it seems?-)

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