" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 24, 2020

Piper Laurie, a Spazzy Cat and a Movie That Probes the Stranger?!

"...that probes the stranger ..."?
I was reading a section of Mike Clelland's book 'The Messengers' titled 'My Cat Acts Scared', which grabbed my attention, as having been a fond owner of a couple of cats in my life before I was well aware of a cat's strange behaviour when they act scared of something that they appear to be seeing, but you don't.
Mike mentions the movie 'The Hustler' was playing on his DVD he had on at the time that his cat Spazzy was acting scared and staring at a rug, a movie that I have never seen.
Chaos, Magic[k] and Pinball?
I remember seeing the so-called sequel to this movie
'The Color of Money' and yawned all the way though it, so I was never going to watch the original after sitting through that garbage.
It was probably Tom Cruise acting like such a wanker that put me off that film, but after that viewing I never wanted to sit through anything like it again, so viewing 'The Hustler' was not even right down at the bottom of a very deep bucket list of mine.
I like how Paul Newman was born on
Australia Day (January 26th) and how Mike writes about the
"Oz factor" in that section of the book.
We Australians love to refer to Australia as Oz, probably because there is no place like home for us Ozzies:-)
I wouldn't really know, as I have only left Australia once in my life, and that was to fly to New Zealand and back on a football tour in 1977.
I really don't have a desire for travel outside of my own country anyway to be honest ... and especially now with a Covid 19 infected world outside.
Although, I wouldn't mind a trip back to NZ soon, maybe.
Mike mentions Jackie Gleason and Jackie's interest in UFOs, as well as other rumours of Area 51 type visits with Richard Nixon, which I'm skeptical about.  
But it was me seeing that Piper Laurie was in 'The Hustler' that Peaked my interest, with me being a big 'Twin Peaks' fan.
Piper played the twin roles of Catherine Martell/Mr. Tojamura in that TV show.
I'm sure Chris Knowles' interest would peak
to see
Piper's next role is playing Pearl;-)
And on the subject of the "Oz factor" Piper did play Aunt Em in the 1985 'Return to Oz':-)
Piper also stars in an alien themed movie called 'The FaCULTy', too.
And talk about creepy school themed movies, Piper was also in a movie called 'Carrie', based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, and a movie that I've heard Mike refer to when he brings up Dr. Kirby Surprise and the Doc's bizarre real life house demolition synchronicity, like in the movie 'Carrie'.
What a Payne!?
Here is a New Dawn magazine version of Dr. Surprise's 'Carrie' house demolition "hidden experience" -
 Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence – An Interview with Dr. Kirby Surprise
I like how Mike mentions his cat Spazzy staring into the center of the living room carpet in that section of the book, when I see that Piper has starred in this Arabian nights themed movie called 
'Son of Ali Baba':-)
Mann, That Owl is Freaky, But is it What it Seems to Be?-)
I forgot that Piper even made a film down here in Oz with a young Mel Gibson.
A movie called 'Tim'.
And I don't wanna to talk about Judy here, but Piper did play Judy's mum in a movie called 'Rainbow':-)
Piper also starred in a segment of the 'Twilight Zone' called
"The Burning Man" where a strange figure appears on the road and tries to hitch a ride during a heat wave in 1936.
That would be right up Mike's alley I would imagine.
And while Piper is no owl, she still is a strange bird when it comes to picking up acting roles:-)
Maybe Piper should have been given the voice over work for
that Pixar flick above?-)
And in '88 it looks like Piper was in a 'Tiger King' themed movie, starring mullet headed actors as well, on the subject of Spazzy cats.
This one doesn't star Piper ... sorry:-)
But this one does star Piper:-)
Another Twin Peaks starring Piper Laurie, as well?!
I think my cat would be going Spazzy and staring at the center of the carpet too, after watching all those Piper Laurie films and TV shows:-)
The day that falls on March 17th?
It's a wonder that Jake Kotze hasn't made some sort of Piper Laurie sync film, I reckon.
Maybe he could re-edit 'RaINBOw' to fit her in?-)
Maybe I'll have to track down and watch that pool shark movie after-all, hey Mike?-)
And keeping with the movie and cat themes, Mike even writes about a hospice cat named Oscar that can sense when a patient is about to be beamed up to The Spirit in the sky.
Kitten born with two faces in Oregon
I saw this pet insurance advert in this month's 'The Road Ahead' magazine, which is kind of personally ironic for me, as my last cat got run-over sleeping in the middle of the road:-(
Maybe it's time Mike wrote a cat book, too?-)
Although the the "Tiger/Lion King" of sync, Alan Green might not like me raving on about cats;-)

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