" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 5, 2020

The Convoluted Universe of Owls, Hypnosis and Real Memories?

I remember ... or at least I think I do ... Mike saying he thought that Dolores Cannon had mentioned animals such as owls being screen memories and that he mentioned something he thought he heard her say in a talk that he was at to her at a book signing after that talk and that she didn't seem to know what he was talking about.
I was going through my bookshelf the other day and realized I had purchased a copy of Dolores Cannon's
'The Convoluted Universe: Book One', but I had never read it.
I'd forgotten I bought the book and don't really know why I bought it, as it's not the kind of book that I'm into reading.
Maybe I had bought it on the recommendation of someone like Mike, who was into these kind of authors.
So I started reading the book this week and found the following on pages 35 & 36 of the book -
Dolores Eilene Cannon
April 15, 1931
- October 18, 2014
Hidden Expereince: Dolores Cannon and synchronicity
Dolores passed away in 2014 unfortunately, and I did have the chance to attend one of her last talks in my hometown of Brisbane, Australia, a year or two before Dolores passed away, but I just didn't feel compelled to attend the talk when the time came.
I still kind of feel that I wasn't supposed to go to that talk in a way, as I was going to go, but a day or two before the talk I just couldn't be bothered making the trip.
It was like part of my subconscious was hypnotically talking me out of going for some reason.
What intrigues me here is not so much the alien stories, whether real or imagined ... or something in-between, but the mystery of hypnosis and just what it is and how it works ... or doesn't work.
And here is something a crow person like me found a little disturbing, but never the less enlightening, that owls eat crows, as the evidence in the video below seems to suggest.
I did listen to two podcasts featuring Dolores at
'The Spirit Guides' podcast show on Apple Podcasts -
The Spirit Guides Podcast: Dolores Cannon Interview and Awakening to Current Shifts in Consciousness
The Spirit Guides Podcast: Dolores Cannon Interview - UK Tour 2011 - Convoluted Universe 4
It's kind of interesting listening back to Dolores discussing her own conclusions about her hypnosis work on her subjects and trying to sift through the truth and fiction of those sessions and the mythology she constructs for her followers, while quoting other world mythological sources like The Bible to back up some points from what's perceived in the information coming forth in those sessions.
Which kind of makes me wonder just how much Dolores is drinking her own Kool-aid in a self-hypnotic kind of way.
When you see stage presentations like Mike's (below) about owls, synchronicity and UFOs, you have to ask yourself is he in some ways using unconscious stage hypnosis techniques on his captive audience?-)
I mean how much of stage hypnosis is just good salesmanship and just a seemingly sincere presentation of the "facts," whether the presenter believes what s/he is saying or not?
I've never before in my life gone and had  hypnosis done on me for any reason, and I doubt I would make a good hypnotic subject for any hypnotist, but I do find the idea of hypnosis fascinating and wonder about the validity of information retrieved from wherever when it comes to past life trauma ... or even this life trauma.
I don't doubt some of it is very real in some cases, but that doesn't mean I think it is all real. 
Some stuff hypnotists pull out of their patients minds are very convincing to me, such as the You Tube below of James Leininger.
I have read 'Soul Survivor' years ago and I personally believe James was the other James, as well.
I've had glimpses of what I believe were past lives of my own, but I have no desire to do past life regression, as I believe that if I was meant to know about those previous lives in this life, then I would.
In other words I'm not compelled to look into whatever those memories are in this life, but I can understand those who are compelled to look into whatever they believe may have been a past life that impacts on their present life to the point they can't live this life without looking into it.
Same with so called alien abductions, if that's your trauma.
To me that's probably part of their "mission" for coming into this present life in the first place.
I mean just how many other people's lives are they impacting indirectly by telling their own story?
No man or woman is an island in this world we all live in, and the ripple effects do have an effect on a lot of lives when those stories are heard by others.
Now here is an owl synchronicity I stumbled across when I was looking for videos of stage hypnotists trying to explain how they think hypnosis works, as well as some of the tricks they use on their subjects.
The WTF moment for me is when this guy in the video is dumbstruck how nobody walking past seems interested in what he is doing to his subject.
He points out in the video the people walking past in the background and is amazed when he thinks one family stops to take an interest in what he is doing, but then he finds out the only reason they stopped was for an owl.
That's right an owl.
The little girl walking with them drops her stuffed toy owl and has to stop to pick it up.
The little girl puts the owl on her shoulder and walks past the hypnotist and subject with the owl seemingly the only one taking any notice:-)
Dam those creepy crow killing owls I say:-)
On the Road with Corvids
Maybe Mike is right when he quotes Anne Strieber in his book
'The Messengers' in a sub chapter titled 'The Paradox Syndrome', about Anne evaluating UFO reports, when she says,
"if it's not weird, I don't trust it."
John Carpenter, Owls, Screen Memories and Aliens?
Mike says,
"he was driving on the Memorial Bridge"
 (memory bridge?-)
Why does that owl look familiar to me now,
I think Mike makes a good point in the above portion of his book 'The Messengers' about the paradox syndrome when it comes to everyday life and synchronicity.
Someone or thing seems to be orchestrating life's seemingly tangled events into a magical carpet, but WHO?
A Whole New World Order?-)
I have a magic carpet type wall hanging at the top of my internal staircase, which I bought from a magic book shop, to remind me of such a life metaphor when it comes to tangled life threads.
Everything in the universe is much more connected than we could ever conceive of from down here, I believe.
And although it is a well worn clichΓ©, it is nevertheless true that "everything is connected".
Owls or no owls.
Jeff (Memory)Bridges?
Rugs do seem to tie rooms together I think:-)
Life is certainly one weird trip, and to prove my point in a way, I found an interview on that website
where I found Dolores' interviews in the archives with the
Barefoot Doctor that was posted on April the 8th (2010), which is my late father's birthday (and the date my Nan passed away on), and ironically my father passed away on September 13th, which is the Barefoot Doctor's birthday.
And with me being Australian it stuck me personally as odd that the Barefoot Doctor passed away on Australia Day 2020 (January 26th).
Although now it looks like someone has rejigged the original Wikipedia post and changed the date the Barefoot Doc passed away on to January 25th.
So much for the reliability of Wiki info, but even so it was still synchy at the time I wrote that original post about trusting your own way.
My father was a cab driver for most of his life too, on the subject of driving:-)
Trust Your Own Way?
The Spirit Guides Podcast:The Barefoot Doctor - A Supercharged Taoist - Mystical Journey With Native Americans and Shamans
The Barefoot Doctor passed away about a fortnight after making that video above.
Thanks for the memories, Doc:-)
A white rabbit instead
 of an
Everyone likes a good story, whether it's about owls, white rabbits, aliens ... or even alien owl doctors:-)

Now I'm getting sleepy, so I'll have to end this post here;-)

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