" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 18, 2020

Randonauts: Explore The World You Never Knew Existed?

COINcidence or Synchronicity?-)
In PLANE sight?
In PLAIN sight?
I went and checked out a site about "Randonauts" that was randomly recommenced to me in a comment left by Explorer on my ex-wife's birthday of the 11th of May:-)
Douglas Noel Adams
(11 March 1952 –
11 May 2001)
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Always Record 211
I'm not really into the phone app thing, but the Randonaut idea I find refreshing when it comes to exploring personally meaningful coincidences or synchronicity, as some would call it.
I think the word "synchronicity" is getting a bit old in the tooth, and the word "coincidence" is just as good, if not better when it comes to synchy events in life and pop culture.
Although "synchromysticism" ain't bad either, I think.
I used to hang around with a group that used to refer to themselves as "sync-heads", led by someone who I like to think of now as the "Tiger King" of synch, Mr. Alan Abbadessa Green/Alan Green ... or whatever he is calling himself these days;-)
Keep herding those Sync-CATS Al:-)
Alan is the Sync-CAT herder who is the editor of the two 'Sync Book's.
He rounded up 52 so-called "sync bloggers" for his two "Sync" books to get them to write a chapter each on what synchronicity meant to them.
There are 52 cards in a deck of playing cards, so I guess that makes Alan the Joker of the pack:-)
Listening to Al the sync "expert" badmouth my sync abilities in his fistful of stones and very little gold nuggets in episode 211 of 'Always Record' [Why always record ... if you have f#ckall worth recording?] I had to laugh.
You see he contacted me when he was putting 
'Sync Book 2' together, asking me if I would like to write a chapter for the book, and as luck would have it, I found an old email I had failed to delete for some reason (probably just to have his email address for future correspondence?) where I replied to him with my knock-back. 
The 2012 email reply to Mr. Green
I felt a bit guilty knocking him back at the time, but I didn't feel I should write about a trip when I was still on the journey ... apart from this ongoing blog.
I think I threw him the names and blogs of Rob & Trish MacGregor, and Mike Clelland to check out, as I was impressed by their blogging journeys at the time.
They were included in 'Sync Book 2', so whatever.
While I think Al Green is no expert when it comes to "sync", I do think he does some good work in the field, as in these recent "sync videos" below.
I'm no expert either when it comes to "sync" Al, but I'm not trying to make out that I am.
If you can't find many nuggets worth looking at in my handful of "stones" that I throw onto the table Al, then don't read my blog, as you obviously don't get what I'm doing (as explained on my sidebar).
Maybe you need to do an ayahuasca purging before your ego disappears up your own ass Al?-)
Does you good to have a good purge and a Green spew sometimes I think:-)
And no wonder you mention about seeing so many
frogs Green, as it can't be easy being as great as you are, I guess, you arogant f#ck frog:-)


  1. How come it take you so long :D <3

  2. Oh, I wont be downloading an app to do my randonauting nekoo, I'm just going to keep randomly flowing with my instincts and gut feelings, like I always have.