" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 7, 2020

Full Moon Fever, Too?

I saw this 'Secret Sun' post from Chris Knowles yesterday (May 6th, 2020 Australian time) where he took photos of the moon on a New York walk on presumably the night of May 5th, 2020 over there in America, so I decided to take some sunset pictures of the moon rising into the sky here in Australia last night (May 6th Australian time) over my mother/brother's home with my iPhone camera.
My iPhone with the rather crappy nighttime camera
Moon-rise over Logan City/Brisbane May 6th, 2020
My phone makes it look more like the sun than the moon:-(
Could you imagine trying to catch a descent UFO photo with this camera?
GABA: Super Moon Hip Hop
As luck would have it, as I'm writing up this post, the latest 'GABA' podcast episode hits my Apple podcast playlist, and what's it about?
The super full moon that I'm writing about right now:-)
I only found this GABA podcast show this morning and was working my way through the archives. 
Looks like I caught a passing sky orb in that shot, too:-)
It's a small world it seems ... and an even smaller super moon over it, too:-)
New Podcast! The Time is Now – Season 2, Episode 15 (“Owls”)
And just as I thought I was finished writing this post up, I see a link on the 'Secret Sun' sidebar to a blog post about a guy named
Darren Mooney talking to another guy name Kurt North about owls (and roosters) and the TV shows 'Millennium' and 'The X-Files'. 
Two shows that I could never really get into watching, no matter how much Chris Knowles raves on about X-Files at his blog.
Since my name is Darren too, and I'm currently reading
'The Messengers' (a book about owls, synchronicity and UFOs), maybe I should hear what Darren Mooney has to say about owls (and roosters) in that podcast?-)


  1. I recommend you do all of the above, my man. TXF and MM are sync-resonators on a quantum level.

  2. I guess I will have to now you great knowOWL Mr. KnOWLes:-)