" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 21, 2020

Blue Alien Synchronicities?

Original painting by Ingo Swann
Vicara Vitakka -
"Has anyone noticed that when she started talking about the man in her dream having a "blue glow," around 18:50, the light in the room shifts tone a bit; turning bluish actually. 
And also a bit further on, when she holds up the piece of bismuth?"
Video Nugget(s?): Using ESP(N) for Financial Speculation with Nancy du Tertre
I was watching the above video at the 'New Thinking Allowed' You Tube channel only because I happened to see the blue alien painting on the wall behind Nancy, as I was contemplating giving the video a miss.
I've had a blue alien statue to the right-hand side of my computer for about nine years now.
I bought it from Cynthia Crawford back around 2011, about the time a little blue bird had flown into my window, and a lady named Connie Cannon had recommended a book to me called
'We Are Arcturians', which I read about half of and then gave it to a secondhand bookstore because I thought it was that bad -
The Bird that Flew into the Window
(Part 2)
Cynthia Crawford Has Gone Up to The Spirit in the Sky
 I paused the 'New Thinking Allowed' video to make a cup of coffee, or something, and then before resuming the video checked my e-mails and a few blogs I follow, to see what was new.
And then I saw this post below at the 'Synchrosecrets' blog about the passing of Connie Cannon, the lady who had recommended the Arcturian book to me back in 2011 -
Back to Arcturus: A Tribute to Connie Cannon
When it comes to the subject of aliens I'm somewhat of a fence-sitter (like an owl you could say:-), but if an owl starts hanging around me in the next week, or two, then I might have to buy another copy of that book and read it from the beginning again;-)
And I'm yet to see an owl in the wild, so that would be something to write about, wouldn't it?
The other strange synch with Connie Cannon's passing is that I'm in the middle of reading a book by Dolores CANNON, as well as reading Mike Clelland's owl book -
The Convoluted Universe of Owls, Hypnosis and Real Memories?
Aliens, owls, or not, it does seem to be a convoluted universe when coincidences like this happen, I reckon.
From Carl Jung's 'The Red Book'
Beam me up, Cynthia and Connie ... please:-)

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