" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 10, 2020

UNTOUCHED: Mother's Day in Oz?

Give something to Mum this Mother's Day?-)
May 10th, 2020 is Mother's Day in Australia and Asia?
The 'Wellness' magazine the UNTOUCHED advert was in
The Dole/Idol/Idle?-)
That flamin' dragon reminds me of
ex-mother-in-law today:-)
A Mum “Exercising My Rights” in Oz?
Unemployed? Don't sweat it?
This is What Happens When Singers Become TALKING HEADS?-)
BS burning down the carbs in her house:-)
I found a piece of junk mail in my mail-box a week or two ago from Chemist Warehouse.
It was a paper magazine called 'Wellness' that the
Chemist Warehouse shoves in the junk mail maybe monthly, and in this particular edition was all the perfume CW was trying to flog off for Mother's Day, and one of those perfumes was one from 
'The Veronicas' with a full page advert with the Vs dressed somewhat like a Yin-Yang:-)
"Wellness" supplement in next Saturday's newspaper?-)
Then again, maybe it was a newspaper lift-out disguised as junk mail, and not from the trash mail pile shoved in my mailbox?-)
Twin Peaks and the Two Roses?
Black swan/White swan?
MTV maybe?-)
I have to wonder if calling a perfume 'UNTOUCHED' and trying to sell it on Mother's Day in a time of social distancing was an ironic twist of fate?-)
They say smell is one of the first senses to go when you get the Covid 19 virus, so maybe perfume is a thoughtful present for Mum after-all;-)
Wishing WELLness?-)
My bottle of BOSS from under my bathroom sink:-)
It's Father's Day in September boys:-)
I had better start wearing my BOSS then, hey Mr. Hemsworth?-)
Half Infected Aussies Have the 'Mutant Strain'?
Chris Hemsworth as Kevin in the 'Ghostbusters' reboot
Trump Slimes America is a painting
Sean Corcoran
Did the Ghostbusters Reboot Predict Trump, the Cub's and Federer's Australian Open Win?

UPDATE: May 11th, 2020
I don't know why this headline below reminds me of all those Tasmanian inbred jokes I used to hear while growing up in the Australia of my youth;-)
I hope you had a happy mother's day Leonie ... and Mrs. Hemsworth;-)
"An Australian daughter who spent a little cash on a token present for Mother's Day has delivered a life-changing sum in the form of a winning scratchie.
Cronulla woman, who has chosen to stay anonymous, had no idea she was handing her mum a $50,000 present."
Up, up, Cronulla:-)


  1. Hey Daz "untouched" is a great song...will have to go and smell the perfume. Check out have to give it a try once the lockdown ends.

  2. Yeah 'UnTOUCHed' is a pretty boppy song I guess (not that it will be going on to any of my iPod playlists), although I have no idea what the perfume of the same name smells like ... or really care.
    I'll bet the Vs are still wearing Chanel No5, or whatever perfume they were wearing before 'UNTOUCHED' came along.
    BOSS ain't bad as far as "poof water" goes, so I'll probably stick with it ... unless UNTOUCHED smells better and I have to switch brands ... and bands:-)
    That Randonauts site looks interesting Explorer, and I had to laugh at the owl coin[cidence] logo they use, because in my Australian home state of Queensland we are allowed out for picnics, visits and walks now, and me and my two sons are going out walking today to see if we can spot Australia's biggest owl, the Powerful Owl.
    It was my youngest son's idea when he saw that I was reading Mike Clelland's 'The Messengers'.
    I went for two walks in 2016 looking for these owls without success, so I won't be holding my breath on this walk.
    Maybe owls don't like people WHO have Corvids as spirit animals?-)
    WHO knows, we might get lucky today and spot (or at least hear) some powerful owls.
    [Un]Touch[ed] wood:-)