" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 22, 2020

Audio Excerpt from Whitley Strieber's Transformation Read by The Bookworm?

Roddy McDowall as The Bookworm
Just for all you Bookworms out there?-)
I listened to this podcast recently -
Hidden Experience Audio: Audio Excerpt from Whitley Strieber's Transformation
Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent
I have to say that when I have read Whitley Strieber's books such as 'Communion' and 'Transformation', I have trouble deciding just how much is truth or self- delusion, especially since he was a prolific horror novelist before writing his "true" stories.
Some of what Strieber writes about in his "true" books do resonate with me, but a lot of it doesn't.
He was writing about vampires and werewolves before he wrote about "the visitors", so I would have to wonder if he started to blur fact and fiction in some minor mental breakdown and really does believe (although he does seem somewhat confused as to what it is that he really does believe to me) what he is writing about.
What really fascinates me is the influence of such books as Strieber's 'Communion' on pop culture in general, but not only authors like Strieber, but authors like Stephen King putting the fear of the creepy clown/alien into the general book buying and movie watching public
Roddy McDowall as Arthur Pimm in 'IT'
Jill Haworth in It! (1967)
Is that a Pollock painting hanging behind Roddy in that interview above?
Whitley Strieber, The Grays, The Afterlife, & Messages From Anne ... and Robin Williams?
An actor playing Strieber in 'Communion'
in front of a
And how much of Mike Clelland's "personal story" is influenced by reading Whitley's "personal story" as well?
Starring Roddy McDowall as Gambler
Starring Roddy as Riecher
The Alien Within (1995)
Starring Roddy as a Minister
Starring Roddy as Mr. Stallwood
I guess we all like to hear a good story, and if someone tells us it's true it makes you wonder even more about this planet and reality we are living in.

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