" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 3, 2020

I'm Sure That There's a Message Here Somewhere: Black Eyed Children/David WEATHERly/SKYMAN/Carl MerryWEATHER/Michael?

Newborn baby DANIEL goes on a rampage?
Starring the late Raphaël Coleman as Chris Davis
Skyman (2020)
I haven't yet seen the movie 'Skyman', because it's not available to Australian audiences yet apparently, but I did write a recent post about it after listening to the writer/director Daniel Myrick confessing that he had read Mike Clelland's book 'The Messengers', hence the owl on the 'Skyman' poster above.
CARL REINERoceros and a MELephant in the Room?-)
I was sure that Daniel had used the Christian name of CARL instead of MIKE for the name of his lead actor Michael [MIKE?-] Selle to play in 'Skyman' because Daniel was maybe taking the piss out of the above Shaman Oakes synchronicity video about the name CARL.
Starring the late Raphaël Coleman as Ronnie Tyler
Hmm ... why does September 3rd ring a bell for me?-)
Oh, yeah;-)
I mentioned the shock passing of Raphaël Coleman who starred in 'The Fourth Kind' and 'It's Alive' in this recent post -
Fight the EVIL and LIVE: 2020 and Looking Down the Rabbit W/Hole Through Milla Jovovich's Eyes/Movies?
But it was after I had listened to a guy Mike Clelland interviewed in an old 'Hidden Experience' podcast about the subject of "Black Eyed Children" that I thought maybe this self-proclaimed shaman (red flag for me there when someone calls them-self a shaman I'm afraid) named David WEATHERly was where Daniel got the WEATHER part for the surname Carl MerryWEATHER?
Mike gives a knowledgeable talk in the You Tube below featuring "shaman" Weatherly;-)
David Weatherly
Carl Merryweather from 'Skyman':-)
Probably just all coincidence, right?-)
Hidden Experience Audio Interview David Weatherly
Masks are the must have accessory for 2020 it seems?-) 
There is actually a dead RAT in 'It's Alive'?!
Raphaël Coleman as Chris Davis
At about the one-hour mark of the podcast with David Weatherly Mike mentions watching the movie 'The Hustler' and his cat freaking out over something in the room that Mike couldn't see, but thought he could sense.
"...that probes the stranger ..."?
Piper Laurie, a Spazzy Cat and a Movie That Probes the Stranger?!
2020 and a Tough Break at the Drive-in?
And of course, as we find out in the video below, the author of the novel 'The Hustler' which the movie was based off, also wrote the novel that the David Bowie movie 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' was based off.
Walter Tevis (1928–1984 the Year of the RAT?-)
A Spectrum of Sanity: Exploring Our Fascination with Monsters/Aliens/Demons?
Raphaël Coleman as Chris Davis
Milla Jovovich's eye;-)
I haven't yet watched 'The Fourth Kind', but I did find a French version of 'It's Alive' on You Tube yesterday, and I couldn't help thinking if the rat and mouse in that movie wasn't some hidden sign from the "universe" that Raphaël Coleman would pass away in 2020, the Year of the Rat?
A hair-raising thought perhaps?
Raphaël Coleman Dies Suddenly Aged 25?
Raphaël Coleman as Chris Davis
Daniel Myrick and David Weatherly were both born in 1963, by the way;-)
Black Veil (2020)
I guess looking back at all of this stuff from 2020 in the year of the corona it's a bit easier to look behind the veil?-)
But I don't want to look too closely and tempt fate.
If only I could speak Frenchoui?
Or could call myself a shaman?

UPDATE: 2020


  1. I remember the commercials on television for It's Alive scaring the living shit out of me as a kid.

    My older sister got the book, and even tho I couldn't see the movie the book eventually made it into my hands. Strange what a hungry mind will consume in order to better understand the world(s) it occupies.

    And its not my intent to load the comment with a ridiculous amount of links, but I spent the afternoon yesterday watching a pretty interesting doc called "The Minds of Men" on the topics of MK Ultra and its subprojects + the nature of medical research/experimentation. Thought you may find it interesting. (assuming you haven't seen it already)

    The doc is quite long, but its makers appear to have put in a lot of research and it does present some quite interesting thoughts on the presence and absence of ethical considerations.

    Hope you are doing well. I guess spring is right around the corner for ya'll. :-)

  2. I was thinking of you Jasun, as I had just listened to your ' Hidden Experience' podcast from around the same time as the David Weatherly podcast episode and I was mulling over doing a post linking that talk and the Coleman remake of ' It's Alive' being somehow a darker metaphor of what you were then talking about with Mike.
    Mind you I have a heap of podcasts I'm trying to listen to right now, but your talk with Mike is on my blog-post back-burner right now.
    And thanks for the links Jase, but right now I feel like I'm one of those sideshow plate-spinners trying to attend to all of my spinning plates before they fall.
    So many books, podcasts and movies I feel that I must get through right now, while I have the chance to piece together a few more parts of my life puzzle.

  3. Looking at that TV commercial for the 1974 original 'It's Alive' movie Jase made me think back to the story my mother told me about the birth of my older sub-normal (or whatever the politically correct BS term is these days, until that term offends someone else) brother, whose sex organs weren't formed properly at birth (he had to have an operation/operations to be fixed up) and on the blackboard where the hospital staff used to write the sex of the new born baby to tell waiting relatives, they just wrote "?".
    That was in the early 60s.
    Imagine if they did that today in a modern hospital.
    The doctors told my parents that he would only live for probably not even a year, but he outlived my father and he only passed away this year aged 57.
    As much as I felt sorry for him being born like that, he made life hell for all of us, and to me he was just a milder version of that 'It's Alive' baby.
    I feel sorry for our neighbours for all of those years of hearing him scream the house down and throw massive tantrums smashing the place up.
    Just imagine a flesh and blood poltergeist let loose in a house.
    I think growing up around him made me value peace and solitude, and part of the reason I like being alone.
    At least he is at peace now hopefully.
    My idea of hell would be to be reborn as him and to go through his 57 years of life.
    2020 seems a rather apt year for him to depart the Earth, with the nightmare of having to arrange and sit through a Covid 19 restricted funeral.
    I hope that's the last funeral I have to attend this year, too.
    Fingers crossed.

  4. Sorry to hear about all that Briz. Thinking good thoughts and sending good Karma your way.

    And I dunno who Jasun is, but I am not them. I'm just some random dude from Texas who kinda has kinda lurked in the shadows of "the synchrosphere" for the past 10 years and have been reading your blog on and off for about the last 6/7 years.

    Hang in there dude. :-)

  5. My bad.
    I thought you were Jasun Horsley for some reason, but looking back at a few of his old comments now I see that he usually comments as Jasun, and with a bee avatar.
    I thought he used to have an alias similar to you Cade, unless I've been mixing you up for Jasun all of this time?-)

  6. No prob. Just didn't want you thinking I'm someone I'm not. :-)

    And I haven't commented here a whole lot, and the last three years have been weird as hell so I haven't visited much recently, but I do make a point to drop by from time to time. I enjoy reading your stuff and there's almost always something synchy with what's going on in my own life when I drop by.

  7. Thanks Cade.
    The next three years will probably be even weirder though.